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Lorna Kerr

Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Crystal Facial Rejuvenation & Yoga

Katie Brooke

Reiki Healing, Aromatherapy, Intention-Setting & Manifestation

Julia Nieumeth

Therapeutic Counselling

1:1 Treatments and Services

with Lorna Kerr


Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner, Sacred Crystal Facial Rejuvenation Massage Therapist & Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher.


Lorna is a kind, highly intuitive & empathetic healer.

Lorna trained in Usui Reiki (Levels 1 & 2) under the tutelage of Felicity at ookushana, a journey that catalysed an amazing transformation in her own life. The more she connected to the incredible Reiki energy, the more certain she became that she must share this beautiful gift with others, fuelling a deep desire to spread healing source energy to any who may be in need. After facing her own struggles with depression and anxiety in the past, Lorna wholeheartedly believes it is her Dharma (or life purpose) to spread light in a world that can sometimes seem dark, to guide her clients home to themselves & feels it is her utmost honour to aid her clients on their own healing journey.  


Lorna firmly believes that there are as many ways to heal as there are clients - every session will be totally unique and tailored to your own unique requirements, health & wellbeing. Whether you are passionate about holistic therapies or a total newbie simply curious to experience an alternative & more holistic style of healing, Lorna’s treatments are designed to fit you and are accessible for all. 

She lives her life in the hopes that through sharing her story and journey, honestly and authentically, she can help clients to heal and accept themselves NOW, as they are in this very moment. Healing is a process...Lorna is a firm believer in compassion for the self at every stage of the journey. Allow her to awaken you to the infinite healing potential within as she shares the truly transformative magic of Reiki energy healing with you. 


If you need a truly caring, positive, instinctive and kind Reiki Practitioner, please don’t hesitate to reach out to find out how Lorna can empower you to awaken your own innate healing abilities, restoring and revitalising yourself mind, body, soul in the process! 


Reiki Energy Healing

1 hour • £45

"Energy healing is like defragmenting your hard drive. The scattered pieces of yourself become whole again." - Jennifer Ritchie Payette


Full chakra balancing energy healing using the ancient Japanese healing art of Reiki. Includes short consultation for new clients so that treatments can be tailored to individual needs.


About Reiki & what to expect in a session with Lorna:


Reiki is total love. It is universal life force - untainted & pure. Put more simply, Reiki is a safe, gentle healing modality. Lorna will channel healing energy through her palms to recipients in order to promote mental, spiritual & emotional healing, encouraging shifts of stagnant energy, trauma, or unhelpful patterns of behaviour.  In a treatment, the client is invited to lie on the treatment bed, remaining fully clothed & allowing the  mind and body to relax. Lorna can then either work hands-on or without touch (depending on preference) to clear the main chakra points (energetic centres) in the body. As she senses energy blockages intuitively (sometimes sensing imbalances in the client in her own body) she is often guided to work to release blocked energy in areas in need of healing. Reiki is non-intrusive & safe for all. You may feel hot and/or cold sensations, tingling, simply LIGHTER or perhaps something not listed here. Every client truly is unique, however it is very likely that you will feel incredibly relaxed!  



Reiki and Crystal Healing 

1 hour 15 mins . £60

"The Mineral Kingdom is a library of healing light." -  Ethan Lazzerini


Reiki is a safe, gentle healing modality. Lorna will channel healing energy through her palms to the client in order to promote mental, spiritual & emotional healing, encouraging shifts of stagnant energy, trauma, or unhelpful patterns of behaviour. 


Crystal therapy has been used since Ancient times as a gentle yet powerful system of holistic healing. It is time to remember the gifts that these pure Earth energies can bestow upon us. In a Reiki and Crystal healing session with Lorna she will work to balance energies within your body to improve well-being, and bestow health benefits.


Crystals can help soothe emotional problems such as anxiety and depression, as well as treat physical symptoms such as migraines and insomnia. Crystal healing can act as a natural energy booster and aid in detoxifying us on a mind/body/soul level, and release energy we unconsciously retain that does not serve our highest good. 


Crystal healing therapy involves placing gemstones on the body to draw out negative energy. The crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out.


As an Advanced Certified Crystal Healer Lorna can design a treatment toolkit to alleviate any ongoing issues or simply work to support general wellbeing.


If you feel you have a specific ailment which you would like to be supported with during the session please let Lorna know prior to the session either via


Email: or Instagram: @the.moonstone.angel

Sacred Crystal Facial Rejuvenation

30-35 minutes • £35

Crystal Facial Rejuvenation Massage works energetically with the Meridian and Chakra system and on a physical level with the Lymphatic System. Lorna has seen amazing results on a variety of skin types! Stagnant circulation can lead to acne— using a Gua Sha, Crystal Roller and Jade Eye Mask, Crystal Rejuvenation gets the lymph (i.e toxins) draining, speeds healing, stimulates collagen production, and calms inflammation. It reduces wrinkles, fine lines and under eye circles. Put simply, the tools increase blood circulation, smooth the skin, and reduce facial tension (particularly around the jaw!) as well as working holistically to aid wellbeing. as well as stimulating a variety of acupressure points. This treatment (specifically the use of the Gua Sha) predates acupuncture...when done with skill, knowledge, intention and connection with the ‘tool’ as a crystal on a vibratory level the results are incredible. 

Lorna is currently choosing to work with Jade, Rose Quartz and Tiger’s Eye in her Sacred Facial Massage Treatments. Working with the Heart & Solar Plexus Chakra respectively, the properties of these particular crystals aid the release of toxic emotions, encourage self-love and invite improved levels of confidence. 


Sacred Crystal Facial Rejuvenation incl. Third Eye & Crown Reiki energy healing


£45, 40-45mins 

A Crystal Facial Rejuvenation Massage in all its holistic wonder, during which Lorna will channel Reiki energy to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras to clear any stuck/stagnant energy. Located in the space between the brows and the top of of the head respectively, these chakras govern our intuition and our connection to something greater than ourselves. Having balanced sixth and seventh chakras helps us to access spiritual wisdom - we are enabled to connect to our cosmic consciousness and puts us in a receptive state to access divine grace and the inner guidance that comes from deep within our being. A true mind/body/soul treatment!




'Lorna is magical. I’ve been lucky enough to experience a couple of 1:1 Reiki sessions so far with Lorna and she is simply wonderful. I highly recommend Lorna, if you get the calling to book in I can promise you will leave feeling amazing.'  (Gemma)


'Lorna is such a knowledgable and powerful teacher, guide, practitioner and magic maker...if you have the chance to work with this beautiful soul then do- without any hesitation- your life will be richer for it.' (Rachel)

'Lorna is the epitome of love and light. She is so gifted and her presence itself can be healing. She has performed Reiki as well as crystal healing on me a couple of times, every time it has been a truly magical experience. She has such an infectious smile and she is so full of kindness and care. I definitely recommend her services, you will not regret it. She is a true angel and you will be blessed to cross her path!' (Vanessa)






Stand-alone treatments: 


Reiki Energy Healing: 


£45 1hr of Healing


(Please Note: Appointment will be 1hr 10 for new clients including consultation) 


Sacred Crystal Facial Rejuvenation Massage:


£35, 30-35mins


Sacred Crystal Facial Rejuvenation Massage incl. Third Eye & Crown Reiki Energy Healing


£45, 40-45mins 



Options for add-ons in conjunction with Reiki energy healing:


Crystal Healing (£15)

Sacred Crystal Facial Rejuvenation (£30)


1:1 Yoga Tuition


£45 (p/h) - Please contact Lorna directly on 07817252079 to enquire.


Tuesdays 14:00 - 18:00

Please note: If you would like to book an appointment with Lorna at ookushana but can't see a slot that suits, please feel free to email or DM Lorna via Instagram: @the.moonstone.angel and we will do our best to arrange a mutually convenient time <3

Reiki Healing & Aromatherapy

With Katie Brooke

Level 2 Reiki Practitioner 

Katie Brooke joins our tribe as a level 2 Reiki practitioner having completed her 1-2-1 training with Felicity (ookushana Founder)

Katie is an intuitive healer, guided by what it is that you need in your life as you are at this moment in time.   Her nurturing approach comes from her heart & will truly nourish every aspect of your being; mind, body & soul.


Katie's path to healing has been a pretty long and at times lonely one; one where for many years she was fighting rather than accepting, striving rather than being and fundamentally following a path that was not hers to follow.   Consumed, for more than a decade, by the need to stay at the top in a demanding corporate career Her body was well and truly out of balance and it was crying out, the only way it knew how, to tell her so.  Physically, this imbalance manifested in chronic fatigue, migraines, candida, debilitating brain fog, hormonal imbalance, low mood and an overall feeling of being disconnected from herself, from others and from the universe as a whole.   Over the years Katie has seen so many specialists in order to "diagnose" her condition including doctors, naturapaths, counsellors, herbalists, life coaches, nutritionists, acupuncturists, mindfulness coaches (she could honestly go on!) and she is grateful for every little thing she has learnt along the way.  It was discovering Reiki however that finally allowed her to see that she had the power within her to heal herself and this was her lightning bolt moment to start trusting.


Katie now wholeheartedly welcomes balance, nourishment and joy in every aspect of her life and promotes the power of choice; choosing to live a life that is unapologetically right for you; free from "should's and ought's".   She takes everything she has been taught, everything she has invested in, and brings this to her healings so that others may too share in this knowledge and wisdom.  


 A  Reiki treatment with Katie is always tailored to you as an individual but will typically incorporate Aromatherapy and essential oil blends which not only smell incredible(!) but also work in harmony with her energy work to channel a deeper sense of well-being , restore  balance & to fundamentally allow your body to heal on a deeper level.  Whilst Katie is more than happy to work in a hands off (auric) way if this is your preference, she normally feels called to incorporate touch into her treatments and many of her clients have commented that they can literally feel her love being channelled through her hands.  


She will provide you with a nurturing, loving and supportive place for you to feel whatever it is that you need to feel, once you strip everything else away.  You may sometimes find her Reiki sessions quite emotional (this is okay, good even!) as she has a natural way of getting to the heart of what is really going on in your life & allowing you to release suppressed emotion, balance blocked channels of energy and give your body what it needs so that you are able to let go of what is holding you down and open your heart to more love and joy.  


Reiki & Aromatherapy 

£75 for 1hr 15 -New Clients 

£60 for 1hr - Existing Clients

Reiki & Aromatherapy + Manifestation & Intention Setting


Read the following from Katie to learn more! 


What do I want? What do I yearn for? What do I desire? What can I give in return? often do we ask ourselves this? How often do we take the time, make the space to identify what is really going to fill our hearts, our spirits, our physical beings full to the brim with love, joy & light? How can we achieve what we truly want , what we truly deserve, if we don’t first identify it, give it a voice, give it a chance - a chance to be...


Let’s bring it to be
Let’s bring it to life


Through manifestation, through words, through sharing, through opening our hearts, our bodies, our minds, through space & time & deserving & belief. Let’s make it our priority. Before anything else.

I’d like to help you with your intentions, your manifestations, your joy this the start of this magical new decade... if you feel called to join me. I ask that you trust in me to help you.

Let’s choose love, let’s choose light, let’s choose joy in all its forms . Let’s share, let’s create , let’s dream , let’s teach & heal one another towards a lighter, brighter, more loving & united world for all.

Fertile Flow

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do "  Brene Brown

My story:

As someone who has been shown the power of the mind body spirit connection through a series of life lessons I feel whole-heart-edly called to share this magical healing offering for fertile flow.   Healing and all the love that flows from it has been my constant support.  My gift to myself.  My self-love.  Throughout my long  battle with chronic fatigue, in advance of preparing my body & mind to conceive, alongside several pretty demanding fertility protocols,  when preparing myself physically and mentally for two separate terminations of pregnancy and when going through the grief, the pain and loss of my babies.  Healing has walked alongside me, holding my hand.  As well as experiencing the pure magic of Reiki I have also seen a multitude of specialists including doctors, leading London based fertility experts, naturopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists ,life coaches, hypnotherapists you name it-i've tried it. 
It is fair to say I have been able to take something wonderful however big or small from all of these beautiful people and I am so very grateful for this. I feel that now is the time to gift all of this knowledge, this power, this love to you.

Who is this offering for?

This offering is for everyday women, like me, who have found themselves lost at one time or another in the world of fertility and all it wraps around.  Good, kind, powerful women who are lost and want to be found, who are at sea with their emotions, their pain, their lack of ‘control’; who have lost sight of their joy, who just simply want to come home to themselves.

During a week long detox retreat at Glastonbury several years ago a lady said to me "Maybe it's time to take your power back!" I didn't even know that I had given it away...

So today I ask you, where is your Power? Are you aware of it, grateful for it, do you send love to it or have you unknowingly, as I had, handed it over, neglected to nurture it, let it get lost?  Lost amongst all of the doing, the trying, the controlling.

Are you living in alignment with your personal power, your faith, your truth?  Do you have faith in your body's ability to create, to nurture, to birth?  Are you living a fertile life, a life that flows with the energy of abundance, of joy, of creation?

What to expect:

A beautiful, flowing, sharing, offering that is intuitively created for you
A powerful healing combination of Coaching, Mindfulness, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Crystals
Intention setting, empowering mantras, manifestations

As with each and every one of our 1:1 healing offerings every session instinctively wraps around you at its core and the love, guidance and support that you need for your highest good at this time; we trust that we will always be intuitively guided on this.
Reiki & energy healing nestles naturally at the heart of this unique offering.  I will use a combination of soothing, uplifting and empowering Aromatherapy oils, healing Crystals and perhaps some sound healing (through my voice) to take your healing to a deeper level.

Through the magic of Reiki and with a little help from Angels and Spirit we will identify any obstacles, patterns, untrue beliefs restricting your flow.   Without judgement we will accept our personal story & all that we have unconsciously attached to. We will be kind.  Then through a  combination of forgiveness and release; intention setting, mantras, manifestation we will invite in all that we need, all that we deserve in order to birth our fertile flow .

I love to bake too so don't be surprised if I send you home to continue your rest with a piece of raw cacao "batch" as I call it (basically a gooey chocolatey flapjack full of magnesium and selenium which are both fertile power houses)  or "fudge " (vegan and made with edible essential oils to help with self belief and fertile flow) or even good old dark dark chocolate-rich in iron, magnesium, joy and always yummy!   After years of being told that “I need” (blah!) to avoid sugar the rebel in me has found so many ways to create yummy treats that nourish my body and ultimately bring me joy so I'd love to share these with you.

*After your first session I will be guided as to what will be most beneficial for you moving forward and together we will create a healing path in alignment with this *

What I ask from you:

As of Today I ask your permission to take hold of your hand.   Wherever you are at, however this chapter of your life is playing out for you, whatever has formed part of your story so far, I ask today for you to choose again.  Choose to walk away from the dark and towards the light, towards your faith, towards your truth.  You are not alone, you are never alone.  Together let us give a voice to your deepest desires and nourish them to be.  Let us live in the moment.  A life of trust, a life of joy, of ease, of flow.  A fertile life.  YOUR fertile life;  and from this state of abundance let us see what beauty we create

My intention:

As with any healing work I do I feel honoured to share this offering with you and feel it is important for me to assure you that my work comes entirely from my heart and my offering to you is one of love, light and goodness.  It goes without saying that everything we share is bound from my side by complete confidentiality.  My intention is to benefit you and your life for your highest good and I will only ever work in a way that ensures you feel safe, held and empowered.

Your choice:

I appreciate that trusting someone with such a precious part of your life is a big thing so if you have any questions at all about me, this healing offering or would even like to meet me for a hot chocolate or a chat please just text or call me on 07734 853738 or email:

With love from my heart to yours, Katie xxx

First session: 2hours -£125
Follow on sessions-90 minutes-£100

A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended

The work we will share will only ever complement any other fertility treatment(s) that you are undergoing as Reiki is completely safe and only ever works in partnership with you and what your body needs at this time

I am not a doctor or a naturopath nor do I have any medical training however I do have (almost) 20 years experience of supplementation, nutrition and know how around women's general wellness, fertility and detox protocols which i would happily share with you if you are interested in incorporating this into one or more of your treatments.  I also know so many amazing & healthy recipes for fertile flow and energetic balance and joy that I can share with you or even make for you at an additional price

Instagram: @nourishmekatiebrooke



“Reiki with Katie was incredible, I’d never had it before and was amazed at how I felt afterwards. Just before my first session I’d had a pretty stressful day at work so thought my session was going to be bad timing… I was wrong! Reiki was a little miracle and I came out of the session feeling much more relaxed and of a better mindset. I’m really looking forward to my next session. Thanks Katie!”  - Sarah M

"If you have a broken head or heart or just need a reset I totally recommend Katie - she made me totally at ease and knew exactly what I needed from the therapy. It was a revelation - realised what I need to focus on and how to help myself feel better - it was something totally other than what I thought it was...I don’t know how she did it but it was spookily accurate...left me feeling like I'd had a big hug and knowing what to move forward and focus on. Feeling lots less broken in the heart and brain. Thankyou Katie! - Jane, Leeds

"I can't thank you enough for how enlightened I feel after yeterday's session. I really can't believe it! I'm exctied to see where this next month takes me on my journey and where I'll be by our next session." - Aofie 


Reiki and Aromatherapy

First session (1 hour 15 minutes) £75

Thereafter £60 (1 hour)

Reiki & Aromatherapy + Manifestation & Intention Setting


£90 (1 hour 30)

Fertile Flow


First session: -£125 (2 hours)
Follow on sessions-£100 (90 minutes)



Mondays 14:00 - 18:30

Therapeutic Counselling 

With Julia Nieumeth (Rooted Connections)

Therapeutic Counselling is an opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a way you feel will benefit your life right now. 

Some experiences can feel emotionally or mentally overwhelming, and it can be helpful to have someone alongside you, to meet you where you are, and provide some objectivity 

What To Expect:

Typically a session would involve talking through things, however Julia is also trained to work creatively and with tools such as mindfulness if either of these appeal to you. 


£50 for 1 hour session

(Blocks of 3 or more are advised with block booking discount)


Mondays 9:45 - 13:30

Tuesdays 10:00 - 14:00 

T: 07975557462 (Felicity)
    07817252079 (Lorna - Assistant Manager)
E: (Felicity) (Lorna)
The Workshop, 94b Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds 
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