First & foremost- ookushana is a community, a family...a place to which souls with a desire to heal, grow, create & expand their consciousness are drawn.

More broadly: the ookushana workshop is a dearly loved & lovingly authentic holistic wellbeing centre, based in the heart of Chapel Allerton.


We are proud that our dearly loved little space has become a hub for the healing arts, and we are touched daily by the beautiful sense of communal respect, support, love & compassion which pervades the ookushana workshop, community & all the events we are privileged to host.


We share our space with like minded teachers/healers & facilitators, with incredible yoga teachers, sound healers, meditation experts & energy workers gracing the doors of ookushana on a regular basis. We thank the Universe for the talented teachers, healers & all round beautiful souls that are guided to our special space which we love so dearly. It is the ookushana family - teachers and clients/friends, and the energy, openness and LOVE that they provide which makes our space sacred & we are forever grateful.


All we do is from the heart - presented to our clients/family with love and with the hope that what we offer will aid in supporting our clients’ highest and greatest good. We are passionate about conscious living, and pride ourselves on our unique offerings. At ookushana we are passionate about empowering and supporting our clients so that they can build a truly holistic lifestyle - one that supports their growth, contentment & health... mind, body, and soul. Our regular events include cacao ceremonies honoring the divine feminine with intuitive movement, womb awakening Sisterhood Saturday's & nourishing yoga courses.


ookushana’s Founding Director Felicity Weston is a truly inspiring healer, facilitator & entrepreneur. Felicity works with multiple healing modalities including Reiki (she is a certified Master/Teacher), Breathwork, sacred sound & she holds a variety of impressive credentials in Shamanic Yoga, Ritual Facilitation, Holistic Wellness Coaching & Naturopathic Nutrition, among others.

Felicity offers 1:1 intuitive energy healing sessions tailored to her clients’ needs & highest good. She also offers training for all levels throughout the year in Usui Reiki.


The 1:1 energy healing Felicity offers is entirely intuitive and is evolving constantly, however always honours the Usui reiki lineage in which she is trained to Teacher/Master Level. Felicity’s healing style is unfalteringly nurturing and supportive  - she wholeheartedly believes that we are all our own healers. Her mission lies in empowering clients to recognise their own innate abilities (however dormant they may seem), and she is passionate about giving others the tools and the knowledge needed to heal themselves. Her own unique magic is one to be experienced - not defined.


ookushana is also incredibly excited to be offering soul-nourishing retreats in stunning locations...Avalon Wellbeing Centre & the sunny climes of Ibiza being our next destinations of choice! We feel that our retreats truly give us the chance to facilitate beautiful growth & healing in all who attend...for more information please contact hello@ookushana.com.


If you feel the ookushana ethos of love, compassion, and accessible healing FOR ALL resonates with you, please do not hesitate to contact Assistant Manager Lorna at joinourtribe@ookushana or visit us in North Leeds, Chapel Allerton. If you feel compelled to join our ever expanding and ever beloved family as a teacher, healer or client, we’d absolutely love to hear from you.


Love always ❣️

T: 07975557462 (Felicity)
    07817252079 (Lorna - Assistant Manager)
E: hello@ookushana.com (Felicity)
    joinourtribe@ookushana.com (Lorna)
The Workshop, 94b Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds 
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