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Thursday 26th March 2020


Rest, Digest & Heal with Holly Dixon

Rest, Digest & Heal with Holly Dixon

(This workshop is suitable for beginners - no experience needed)


Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

Tired and a lack of energy?


Join Holly for a workshop to help calm and ground both the mind and body, through yin yoga, meditation and deep relaxation 🙏


In this pop-up workshop Holly will take you on a journey to explore yoga as a powerful tool to help you find your breath, calm the mind, regain balance and discover inner peace.


We will start the workshop with a nourishing meditation to help you arrive, relax and tune into what you need. We will gradually move into a slow, Yin practise where you will hold prop-supported poses between 2-10 minutes, to access deep healing, surrendering and letting go.


As you remain still in a yin pose, you will be encouraged to observe what comes up energetically and emotionally without any need to judge, expand or identify with. By just sitting and observing the physical sensations, you will allow your system to work through the blockages and provide a much needed release.


Yin Yoga connects mind, body and soul and facilitates the flow of chi (vital life force). It helps to stimulate different meridians (energy channels) that run through the body. When energy gets stuck along these channels it can cause imbalances, tension, poor postural habits and illness.


Yin is our balance to yang activity (our busy lives and schedules), and helps to bring us back down to the ground where we can rest, digest and heal. This course is perfect for those who need some time out, deep relaxation, release and rest.



Each yin pose will be helping to rebalance the stomach and spleen meridians (energy channels) which are associated with anxiety, worry and feeling off centred.


Each pose will be carefully selected to help stimulate the flow of energy along these channels, and release any unwanted energy that no longer serves us. 🌟


When the chi is balanced along the stomach and spleen meridians we have more power to say no, able to nourish ourselves and feel at ease wherever we are.


We will finish the session with a lovely, long savasana including a mini facial with essential oil and deep relaxation 💫 ✨


***Please wear comfy, warm clothes as we will be spending a lot of time on the floor.***


A deliciously relaxing evening of rest and rejuvenation!

If you have any questions, or would like to book directly (we also offer C.A.R.A discount), please don't hesitate to contact us over at:


hello@ookushana.com (email)

or Instagram


With love ALWAYS,

ookushana & Holly <3

SUN, 24th MAY 2020 13:00-16:00

The Dance of Spring: A Sacral Chakra Healing Dance & Reiki Journey

A stunning Dance movement workshop with Flamenco Guitar, connecting with the body and breath...no previous dance experience is necessary!

Sacral Healing Through Dance, Music & Angelic Reiki...



This is the third in a series of healing dance journeys, welcoming spring with the energies of rebirth, sensuality, the sacral chakra space and initiating growth.


Emily & Paul present:


A dance movement workshop with Flamenco Guitar...

Connecting with the body and the breath...


No previous dance experience is necessary! ALL are welcome <3



"Bring yourself into union with the season and the flow in your body with a meditation, dance and Angelic Reiki healing.


We will initiate the practice by anointing essential oils of the season to awaken sensuality and joy, setting intentions and opening into them through meditation and dance.


Connect with the womb space so our ideas and inspiration may blossom fully without judgement or shame. Dance is something which brings together our mind and our body. From a young age, we can sometimes associate the womb space with shame or trauma, all of which disconnect us from expressing ourselves authentically in movement.


This beautiful workshop gently unlocks this flow and embraces its beauty.


We will find new ground within our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, connecting with the emotions in each area of our and allowing this to guide us.


The session will be accompanied by flamenco guitarist Paul Mill, who will hold the space with music, empathetically following the energies in the room and expressing the depths of emotion through the music.


The session will end in meditation, and sharing circle, empowering you to embrace and nurture these aspects of yourself in your relationships, life and purpose."



Emily is a Clinical Aromatherapist, Angelic Reiki Master and flamenco dancer. Her chakra healing work draws the physical, emotional and spiritual body into alignment and truth.


Paul is a flamenco guitarist, an experimental musician interested in responding to dancers in their truth, creating music to allow the authentic expression of emotion and spirit.



If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!

With love,

ookushana xxxxxxx

Sun, 22rd MARCH 2020 19:00



Spirit of Spring: The Moongazing Hare (Animal Spirit Equinox Taster)


A celebration of the transformational energy of SPRING EQUINOX...honouring balance, renewal & rebirth with Yoga, Reiki and Crystal Healing.

*As well as a super special celebration of Ostara, this event acts as a taster session for Lorna's 'Animal Spirit Course'...coming to ookushana soon! <3*

Join Lorna (@the.moonstone.angel) for a celebration of the transformational energy of SPRING EQUINOX...honouring balance, renewal & rebirth with Yoga, Reiki and Crystal Healing!


Each participant will receive an Ostara (Spring Equinox) themed crystal as a gift, given in the spirit of celebration, connection and healing. <3


This pagan festival is a time of renewal and regeneration, as after the cold winter months we begin to herald lighter, brighter and JOY-FULL days. The Hare is the totem animal of this spring festival, linked with fertility, re-birth, growth & abundance....


We will consider how emulating the intuition & fluidity of the Hare can benefit us in our everyday lives and at this incredibly potent time. We will seek to access our own inner knowing, acknowledging our innate divinity and pairing movement with intention, celebrating the rhythms and stirrings of the natural world.


We will practice a Vinyasa based sequence together, moving with flow and intention through a gentle sequence that nods to the hares quick wit, sharpness and fluidity, along with the magical potency of this super special date in the Pagan calendar. The sequence is designed to move prana/chi/energy in a way which invites optimal energy flow within the body, predominantly working with the Sacral, Third Eye & Crown Chakra.


After the flow, we will have ample time to relax. Lorna believes that true shifts come during stillness and that yoga is a preparation for meditation, rather than a purely physical practice. This class will invite you to leave your ego at the door - do what feels GOOD on the day, honour your body & your soul will sing. We honour movement and stillness. Darkness and Light. Balance, Equlibrium.


During the relaxation/meditative segment of the class, Lorna will practice the art of 'Crystal Reiki', giving you an individualised Reiki 'mini-session' in conjunction with the healing vibrations of the crystals chosen carefully to corrospond to the joyful energy of the Spring Equinox.


In Greek mythology, the Hare was inextricably linked to to Hecate...the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night and moon. Indeed, in Sanskrit the moon is called Sasānka, “having the marks of a hare!"


We will work with Moonstone (a crystal overtly linked to the Lunar Cycle) and use breathwork and meditation to connect with the transformational energy of the Hare, and the wisdom of Grandmother Moon <3


Join Lorna for this Equinox treat as we work to find balance, harmony and joy on a Mind/Body/Spirit Level through movement, energy healing and meditation <3

Sun, 3RD MAY 2020 



Finding Your Voice: Chakra Healing with Aromatherapy & Live Sound


Finding your voice...a healing workshop with the INCREDIBLE Emily Winter & Satnam Galsain ❤️

Finding your voice is about finding and expressing the true essence of you. It is connecting deeply inside without judgement and expressing your truth.

We will connect the heart and throat chakra so that we can express the truth that our hearts have always known and bring it into being to transform our lives and connection with ourselves.


We will use essential oils energetically and spiritually, to draw a bridge from the heart to the throat, creating a path for our lives to follow of truth, expression and love. We will use our voices with breathwork, poetry singing and chakra opening through the body to create resonance and healing.


This beautiful session will be a guided chakra healing meditation accompanied by live vocals and harmonium to connect with the breath, the body and the inner healer. From a young age, we often learn what is socially acceptable to express and what isn’t, causing a split between the throat and the heart or the mind and body. Long after the ‘rules’ we learnt have served their purpose, the lines remain drawn in the body, creating walls that no longer serve us, damming up our creativity and light.


Voice Work and Embodiment will be led by Satnam with harmonium to transcend this space and time, opening the connections between the heart and the expression of its desires and the truths that it holds. A truly blissful session to transform your inner world with aromatherapy, poetry, breath and sound.


Satnam Galsian is a British Asian vocalist and music practitioner based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. She is a passionate believer in the positive outcomes to be gained from music engagement at all levels of ability and experience and continues to create and deliver various music wellbeing projects. Her Relax-Sing for Wellbeing sessions for parent and child encourage an alternative sense of bonding and engagement. Satnam can also be found performing as the founding member of Indian fusion band Kinaara as well as creatively collaborating with a variety of artists. She has an interest in exploring the interplay between north Indian and western music traditions for today’s audiences.


Emily is a Clinical Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Crystal Healer and Angelic Reiki Master. She is interested in the emotional and spiritual body and how these energies manifest in the physical body. She connects this both with her chakra healing work and the spiritual journey of each soul. Emily loves to connect people back to their bodies after injury or trauma as this was her path. She also works with tree and plant energies giving workshops on tree healing and dances flamenco as part of a duo with Paul Mill.

Also Coming-Up Soon...

(click on the image to book!)

ooku 2.jpg

Marking our awakening from winter & celebrating a new season, which brings with it with it rebirth, growth and revitalisation, this gathering welcomes the spring equinox, drawing upon the powerful energies that are held at this time and gives space to to reflect on what we might want to awaken in ourselves over the coming months.


Recognising the significance in the ancient celebration of this festival, we connect to mother earth through a guided vinyasa and intuitive based movement sequence, honouring the shift in rhythm both internally and externally, embodying rebirth and renewal in a dynamic flow to shift old prana and allow in fresh energy.


After movement, and in honouring the balance of night and day, light and dark that comes with each equinox, we begin to slow the body down, settling the heightened spring energies, finding balance and harmony internally, by transitioning through a supported, restorative pose ahead of our sumptuous yoga nidra.


Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep, is a guided meditation technique that allows us to enter the blissful and magical state between being awake and asleep. It provides space for planting seeds of positive change through intention setting and is a hugely nourishing and transformational experience. In life, we take very little time for stillness, quiet, internal reflection and rest, however, that very thing we avoid, can be the very thing we need most and is paramount to renewal, healing & growth.


This celebration is open and suitable to all, regardless of previous experience. It’s a space for connection, love, healing and growth. If you have any questions please reach as we would love to share this experience with you.


A beautiful evening from a nourishing, warm and all-round-wonderful facilitator! <3

If you have any questions or wish to book directly, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


With LOVE,

ookushana xxxxxxx

Sat, 21 March 2020

17:00 – 18:30

Spring Equinox Flow & Yoga Nidra with Rachel Sudgen

Image by Kayla Maurais

We are truly delighted at ookushana to host an immersive and truly powerful Conscious Breathwork Circle.


In this 3 hour workshop, you will harness and discover the power of your breath and its amazing healing capabilities in regards to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A safe, sacred space is created for your breathwork journey of awakening to yourself. Come and meet yourself in a new way!


The breath is becoming a widely recognised and scientifically proven tool in cultivating good health; mentally, physically and emotionally. This comes as no surprise, as the breath is the life force keeping us alive, a best friend, from the beginning, until the end. This Breathwork is a powerful tool for self exploration, self empowerment and healing.


When we use this style of breathwork we can explore:


- Releasing trauma and old baggage

- Shift negative patterns and blockages

- Physical sensations

- Balancing nervous system

- Increasing Vitality and overall wellbeing

- Shifts in perspective

- Expanding consciousness and reconnection with self

- Eliminate toxins/waste through your lungs

- Peace, relaxation and presence

The session will consist of breathing consciously and remaining connected for approx. 1 hour. Your facilitators have a carefully crafted playlist to journey with. A session consists of an activation, experiential, relaxation and an integration phase. Everyone experiences the breath differently and each session varies to the next.

Come join our breathing circle and experience the most powerful healing source that exists within you.


*There will be a maximum capacity of 14 people so please book ahead of time ensure your spot.




Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. You will need to be as comfortable as possible in order to lie for the session. Feel free to bring cushions, blankets and any support that may aid this.


This is not suitable for anyone with serious heart conditions, pregnant women, severe hypertension, recent surgery, broken bones or fractures, acute infectious diseases, epilepsy and some severe mental health conditions. If you’re unsure, please get in touch & we can discuss if this work is right for you at this time.


About the Facilitators:


Colin Gingell and Ariana Rivadeneyra are Holistic Health Practitioners. Between them they have a wide skillset and are able to support people on their personal journeys of inner evolution and transformation. They have a background in and work with Coaching, Breathwork, Ancestral Remedies, Raj Yoga and many different Integration protocols and healing modalities to create personalised programs, group events, workshops and retreats.


For more information, please see


If you would like to book directly or have any queries, please contact hello@ookushana.com


With lots of love,

ookushana xxxxxxx

Tue, 24 March 2020

18:30 – 21:30 

Conscious Breathwork Circle - A Reconnection with your Higher Self

Image by Fuu J

"With the realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world." – Dalai Lama


Self-belief is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship with the self. Our relationship with ourselves reverberates until its impact is felt in every social interaction we have...allow Kirsty to help you transform your relationship with yourself and with others. Improve your confidence, social skills, and learn to be present and in power. Read the following from Clinical Hypnotherapist/ EFT Practitioner Kirsty...


"Do you wish to be a social butterfly but find yourself cancelling plans last minute - missing out on fun and new experiences, held back by lack of confidence in yourself?


Do you feel awkward with new people or in new situations, never quite knowing what to say and over-thinking how you are coming across, rather than flowing and enjoying the present moment?


If you are ready to recognise how much you have to offer others, and feel so comfortable in your own skin that it doesn't even occur to you to compare yourself to others - then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you will learn how to use Self-Hypnosis to believe in yourself more and have courage in putting yourself out there


You will receive a powerful yet simple technique you can use in any moment to let go of self doubts (EFT)


I will give you an anchor, a trick you can use to access confidence in any situation.

Together we will explore new and positive language, so you will instantly have the ability to think about yourself in a kind and empowering way!


We will be Journaling to create more love for ourselves, using the power of words to manifest a new and confident reality

And I will be teaching a powerful ancient Hawaiian meditation for self love and forgiveness.


Through the magic of Group Hypnotherapy I will be helping you to access and re-integrate when you have felt MOST confident, so you can know it has been there all along within you


Let FOMO (fear of missing out!) be a thing of the past, as in this powerhouse of a workshop I will build you up to knowing you are just as good as any other person, you will feel free to be yourself and to voice your opinion and ideas- starting to confidently create the social life you want and deserve."


Just £18 investment for a box of confidence tools you can use for life!


A note about the Workshop Creator -

"I am Kirsty Elliott, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitoner and Women's Confidence Coach. I LOVE leading women to their self worth! I used to have self esteem that was on the floor and remember how lonely and dis -empowering it felt. I totally changed my life around with these techniques, and now I have bags full of self love and confidence in myself and enjoy nothing more than empowering other women to feel the same!"


If you have any questions or would prefer to book directly, please don't hesitate to get in touch!



ookushana xxxx

Sun, 29 March 2020

13:00 – 14:30

Social Confidence: A Womens' Workshop with Kirsty Elliott