Lorna Kerr

Treatments for deep healing from Lorna Kerr, a certified and insured

Reiki Practitioner,

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher,

Advanced Certified Crystal Healer &

Feminine Frequency Formula ™  Teacher. 

Healing Services With Lorna Kerr


Intuitive Energy Healing through Reiki, Embodied Trauma Release Practices & Ancient Tantra weaved with Embodied Movement Sessions, Crystal Therapy, Vinyasa Flow Yoga & Crystal Facial Rejuvenation Therapy.


Reiki Energy Healing

"Energy healing is like defragmenting your hard drive. The scattered pieces of yourself become whole again." - Jennifer Ritchie Payet


Full chakra balancing energy healing using the ancient Japanese healing art of Reiki. Includes short consultation for new clients so that treatments can be tailored to individual needs.


About Reiki & what to expect in a session with Lorna:


Reiki is total love. It is universal life force - untainted & pure. Put more simply, Reiki is a safe, gentle healing modality. Lorna will channel healing energy through her palms to recipients in order to promote mental, spiritual & emotional healing, encouraging shifts of stagnant energy, trauma, or unhelpful patterns of behaviour. 


In a treatment, the client is invited to lie on the treatment bed, remaining fully clothed & allowing the mind and body to relax. Lorna can then either work hands-on or without touch (depending on preference) to clear the main chakra points (energetic centres) in the body.


As she senses energy blockages intuitively (sometimes sensing imbalances in the client in her own body) she is often guided to work to release blocked energy in areas in need of healing. Reiki is non-intrusive & safe for all.


You may feel hot and/or cold sensations, tingling, simply LIGHTER or perhaps something not listed here. Every client truly is unique, however it is very likely that you will feel incredibly relaxed! 


Exchange: £45 for 60mins 





Connection beyond borders, healing without limits.


"Energy goes where intention flows..."


Put simply, Reiki can transcend time, space and borders. A truly beautiful gift to humanity. Distance is no barrier to the connection and healing that Reiki can facilitate. Distance Reiki sessions are one of the most profound, beautiful and indeed often most convenient ways to receive and by extension, to heal. 


Distance Reiki enables the practitioner's ability to transmit spiritual energy beyond physical touch...in other words, it’s a way to receive Reiki without the practitioner being in the same room with you.


Reiki is a safe, gentle healing modality. The practitioner channels healing energy through their palms to the client in order to promote mental, spiritual & emotional healing, encouraging shifts of stagnant energy, trauma, or unhelpful patterns of behaviour. 


A distance session, would either take place via Zoom, or through a prearranged ritual (ie an agreed date & time for me to connect with your energy), depending on your preference.


You will receive whatever is needed for YOU and your healing journey. 


Lorna will simply hold space for you as your bodies innate healing potential is catalysed.


Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or simply for a chat to gauge if Lorna is the right practitioner for you. 




30 minutes: £20


45 minutes: £30


60 minutes: £40 




"The Mineral Kingdom is a library of healing light" -  Ethan Lazzerini


Reiki is a safe, gentle healing modality. Lorna will channel healing energy through her palms to the client in order to promote mental, spiritual & emotional healing, encouraging shifts of stagnant energy, trauma, or unhelpful patterns of behaviour. 


Crystal therapy has long been used as a gentle system of holistic healing. In a Reiki and Crystal healing session with Lorna she will work to balance energies within your body to improve well-being, and bestow health benefits.


Crystals can help soothe emotional problems such as anxiety and depression, as well as treat physical symptoms such as migraines and insomnia. Crystal healing can act as a natural energy booster and aid in detoxifying us on a mind/body/soul level, and release energy we unconciously retain that does not serve our highest good. 


Crystal healing therapy involves placing gemstones on the body to draw out negative energy. The crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out.


As an Advanced Certified Crystal Healer Lorna can design a treatment toolkit to alleviate any ongoing issues or simply work to support general wellbeing.


If you feel you have a specific ailment which you would like to be supported with during the session please let Lorna know prior to the session either via email: lorna-kerr@hotmail.com or Instagram: @the.moonstone.angel


Exchange: £60 for 60mins 







-Carries nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood (food for the cells) to the skin and tissues

-  Drains lymph fluid (which is often filled with toxins and waste) out of the cells to be cleansed

- Eliminates or greatly reduces wrinkles

-  Treats and prevents sagging skin (lifts and tightens the skin)

-  Aids in eliminating dark circles around the eyes

- Brightens the complexion

- Greatly speeds the healing time of breakouts and pimples, helping these skin issues overall

- Has the ability to heal & relieve rosacea

- Treats TMJ disorder and migraine headaches

- Can be an alternative to injections and face-lift surgery


Crystal Facial Rejuvenation Massage works energetically with the Meridian and Chakra system and on a physical level with the Lymphatic System. Lorna has seen amazing results on a variety of skin types! Stagnant circulation can lead to acne— using a Gua Sha, Crystal Roller and Jade Eye Mask, Crystal Rejuvenation gets the lymph (i.e toxins) draining, speeds healing, stimulates collagen production, and calms inflammation. It reduces wrinkles, fine lines and under eye circles. Put simply, the tools increase blood circulation, smooth the skin, and reduce facial tension (particularly around the jaw!) as well as working holistically to aid wellbeing. as well as stimulating a variety of acupressure points. This treatment (specifically the use of the Gua Sha) predates acupuncture...when done with skill, knowledge, intention and connection with the ‘tool’ as a crystal on a vibratory level the results are incredible. 


Lorna will also spend some time channelling healing Reiki energy to key areas in order to provide a true mind/body/soul treatment. 


Exchange: £35 for 40mins





The Parasympathetic Restoration Technique™️ is a formula that seamlessly releases tension from the body's nervous system so that the body can heal from emotional blocks and trauma, returning to a state of wellness & ease.

Through connecting to our bodies by engaging with somatic movement, embodied emotional release/cathartic practices & the Tantric embodiment gateways we can slough off the skins & layers of conditioning that tell us we are not worthy of receiving pleasure & enjoying emotional freedom. In engaging in these practices we free up our physical & emotional bodies without needing to attach to the stories of the root of the emotion - a powerful alchemy can occur in this space of deep presence. Through this method we cultivate a healthy realtionship between the body and mind, helping you to transcend limiting beliefs an thought patterns. This powerful modality allows stagnant energy to flow, encouraging you to embrace the beauty of all that you are. Through The Feminine Frequency Formula™️ we promote self-esteem, improved confidence levels and a sense of deep empowerment. 


Please contact Lorna directly via lorna-kerr@hotmail.com or via instagram @themoonstoneangel to learn more and/or for a no pressure consultation to see if this treatment is right for you. 

Julia Rooted Connections.jpg

Julia Nieumeth 

Therapeutic Counsellor

Therapeutic Counselling 

Therapy can be hard to define because it can depend upon us as an individual, our life experiences and what we choose to work on.

You may feel you have a good understanding of what it is and what you would like to work on. If not, I appreciate it is helpful to have some understanding of what you would be doing. It is an opportunity for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a way you feel benefits your life right now. Some experiences can feel emotionally or mentally overwhelming and it can be helpful to have someone alongside you; to be with you in what you are feeling and provide some objectivity. Typically we would talk things over but I am also trained to work creatively or with tools such as mindfulness if that appeals to you. We can work together to increase awareness of yourself and your relationships. We can be with feelings that you may have felt scared to feel alone, and let them shift. We can work on behaviours that you may keep repeating and do not know why. We can reflect on relationships. We can work towards a goal you have, or a problem you wish to tackle. This can help you feel stronger and more grounded. You can choose with more awareness how you respond to problematic situations. This process can allow acceptance and reduce the power of the past. I promise to be with you in however you are feeling with empathy, care and compassion. I promise to deeply reflect on our sessions and how best to achieve the most we can together.

We can meet for a first session with no obligation to continue if it doesn't feel right for you. If it does, we may agree a block of time to work together or just take it a session at a time.


£50 for a 50 minute session