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The Workshop, 94b Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds 
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Competition does not exist in the ookushana dictionary! Our idea of success is helping as many people as possible to fulfil their dreams. 

We aim to grow ookushana through joint ventures and partnerships, as well as people working freelance under our brand. 

If our philosophies resonate with you, and you have a business idea you think will work well with ookushana, with a similar client base, please get in touch! With over 10 years experience in business and market research and a strong team of expertise in marketing, financial planning, and graphic design we can help make your dream a glorious workable reality.


Offering comprehensive business plan packages, including brand creation, logo design, website design & build - in fact everything you need to start your own business - at a highly discounted price. We will mentor you through every stage to create a beautiful partnership!


Potential business ideas include (but not limited to:)

- Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw catering 

- Holistic Therapies

- Jewellery 

- Crystals and crystal jewellery

- Yoga and Pilates

Join Us

Here at ookushana, we support independence and unity - this might sound a contradictory statement, but our mission is to create a community of like-minded people - we don't employ people to work "for" us but we are looking for people and businesses to collaborate "with" or work alongside us - either as a joint partnership or freelance under our brand. 

Whether you are a holistic therapist, nutritionist, designer, marketer, accountant, or simply eager to make a change and interested to hear more,  please contact us!