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Lightworkers Mentorship

Your body, heart and soul said YES.

You are ready for the next quantum leap!

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Dearest Lightworker, 


You followed your calling... and I couldn't be happier to share this journey with you...

You are about to make the best investment in yourself and your life! And I am honoured to be a part of the next stage of your journey...

There are 3 options below, to spread your payments over 3 months or 6 month (from July) OR to pay in one (which is the best priced option!)

Or if you would rather set up a Direct Debit Payment Plan, or pay via BACS please email to organise. 

Please also fill in the form below so I have a better idea of where you are at, and why you are being called to take this journey with me!

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The Personal Stuff

Payment Option 1

3-Month Payment Plan 

£1111 / Month 

With this option, you will pay a total of £3333, split over 3 months, which will automatically leave your paypal account & automatically stop after the payment is complete. 

Payment Option 2

6-Month Payment Plan (for 3 months mentorship)

£600 / Month

With this option, you will pay a total of £3600, split over 6 months, which will automatically leave your account & automatically stop once the payment is complete.

Payment Option 3

Pay In One - Best Price


With this option, you pay £3100 in one, which will leave your account immediately. This is the option with best price!