• Felicity Weston


Updated: Nov 24

Hi sweet ones, it's Felicity here!

I have some MEGA news! :)

Each year, as the slower Seasons come around, I spend time in ritual to consider if my current offerings & work are still aligned with core missions, as well as my own desires in life. It's a powerful process to observe if I have meandered away from my soul's guidance in any way & to come up with creative ideas to bring me back into full alignment...

So much of my current work is devoted to deep-dive training courses to support healers and Lightworkers, and while I recognise and believe in the power of this work, and the endless ripples it will have into the world - I also recognise that my journey as a healer & teacher is not just to serve those who are in healing service, but also those simply on their journey of healing and self-empowerment.

During my ritual I was also guided to the importance of accessibility in healing - especially in these times of uncertainty - and I recognise for so many, healing and personal development are viewed as a luxury that comes pretty far down the list.

SO... my amazing husband & I are collaborating to bring you...

An accessible and inclusive online membership, for you to devote to your healing and personal development journey & become part of a supportive community - throughout 2023, and beyond!


it's on 50% discount until 21st December, if you sign up for the year with us!

Head to our landing page to find out more - https://ookushana.mykajabi.com/devotion

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