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 Energy Healings with Felicity

Creating a title for my offerings has always been such a difficult task, and continues to be...

How can you label magic?
How can you label something that continuously grows & transforms? 
How can you label something you don't fully understand yourself?!

When we label something we confine it to a box, we distill it's medicine...

I studied in Reiki (amongst many other modalities) which I see simply as a foundation & my lineage to source. 

In truth my offering is energy healing that is wholly intuitive & ever-evolving, meaning every session can be quite different, depending what is needed. And although I have "studied" and "practiced" many varieties of energy healing, it is not really me that does the work... it is spirit - whatever you understand that to mean. That which is far greater than you & I. That which knows exactly what is needed... the whys & hows, the cause & the cure.


I use various tools and instruments to facilitate clearing & energy alignment, such as sound bowls, tuning forks, drums & chimes 🙏🏼 The medicine I offer also has a uniqueness which cannot be defined - just as everyone else's does. 

My toolbox grows daily, mostly through experience, but also through continued learning... I will forever be a student. To continue seeking, and sharing. 
This is why I am here. 

Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me... 

With love, Felicity

Treatment Options...

Sacred Healing Ritual

2.5 Hours // £195.00

Sacred Healing Ritual⁣⁣⁣


This offering is available for 1-2-1 healings, as well as couples & small groups. ⁣⁣⁣


What To Expect? ⁣⁣⁣


Cacao Ceremony, Intuitive Energy Clearing & Healing, Ancestral Healing, Light Language, Sacred Sound Healing, Movement Medicine, Shamanic Journeying & Channeled Guidance ⁣


This is an immersive healing experience combining multiple tools and traditions from Felicity's 8 years/lifetimes of experience working with energy. ⁣⁣⁣


This 2.5 Hour Ritual will begin with a cacao ceremony - working with this beautiful plant medicine to ground us & open us energetically. We then set intentions for the healing, connect to our spirit team & make offerings to strengthen the bridge between our realms. ⁣⁣⁣


Felicity then allows herself to become a channel for energy, in its' varying forms.⁣⁣⁣


Largely in trance-state, Felicity will channel energy & codes through her hands & voice, as well as using sacred sound & instruments to deepen the experience. ⁣⁣⁣

This will usually begin with an energetic clearing which works with opening up the physical body - this part of the ritual will be either seated or standing, always guided by spirit. 


This clearing allows you to become more receptive to energy. 


Felicity works to heal blockages & traumas from this life, past lives, and the ancestral wounds that live on within us. 


If guided, she will use shamanic journeying to access deeply rooted emotions in a safe way to release them healthily. 


This beautiful offering if a true gift from spirit, an offering of pure light.  


Please contact Felicity directly at hello@ookushana.com for further details. 


Prior to your healing, you will receive a detailed form to complete so Felicity can better understand where you are on your path & what you are looking for from the healing, yet in total trust with what comes through for us on the day.



Sacred Healing Ritual 

with Felicity Weston



2.5 Hours //




2.5 Hours //



Small Groups 


(Additional £70 pp) 

Shamanic Womb Healing

£150 // 2 hours 15 minutes *

* Specialised Treatment *

Deep dive into the magic that is your womb space during this 2 hour Shamanic Womb Healing Journey using Energy Healing, Shamanic Journeying, Tuning Forks, and Sacred Sound. 

This is an immersive healing experience which works into past lives and ancestral lineages as well as healing traumas of this life. 

The womb is PURE MAGIC. It is the portal that connects our world with spirit world. It connects us to our truth, our purpose and our mission in this lifetime. The womb holds the key to joy, pleasure and sensuality. 

Who is womb healing for?

- Any woman experiencing lack of purpose in this life

- Any woman with physical ailments of the womb (endo, PCOS)

- Any woman experiencing difficulty conceiving

- Any woman experiencing difficulty with libido

- Any woman who has experienced sexual trauma

Please Note: One should feel ready to embark on this journey... Ideally you will experience at least 3 healing journeys 2 weeks apart. 

Sessions are 2 hour 15 minutes

Please contact me for the detailed Information Form

You will receive support from me (Felicity) throughout the process of healing, as well as homework. 

New Client Energy Healing/Reiki (with Felicity - Master Teacher)

New Client Reiki Session / 1 hour 30 minutes (£95)

New Client Reiki Session lasts for roughly 1 hour 30, and is a perfect way to begin your healing journey. This longer session gives us plenty of time to discuss any specific issues you are aware of/your reason for seeking Reiki, as well as creating a general understanding of holistic healing, energy and the chakra system, and answering any queries you might have about Reiki and what to expect.


Felicity works intuitively to discover any imbalances and blockages within your chakras and energy body during a 50-minute head-to-toe Reiki treatment, after which we have some time to discuss these and begin to provide integrative strategies to promote both short-and long-term healing.

Healing is a process like anything and requires some dedication. Although regular treatments is recommended, it is not always financially viable. For this reason, Felicity seeks to work with my closely with her clients offering intuitive guidance and ongoing support throughout the process.

Energy Healing for Existing Clients

60-minute appointment/ £75 (Please enquire for longer appointments)

It is recommended to have 3 treatments quite close together to begin your healing process, and then perhaps dropping to weekly or fortnightly - although every person is different. 

Like physical exercise, meditation and nutrition, healing and energy work is something we should all invest into (time and money) as often as possible. 

Felicity realises that regular sessions may not be available to everyone financially, and so seeks to work closely with her clients, offering intuitive guidance with home-work. She also aims to remain as accessible as possible - offering discounts for students and low income, as well as offering payment plans.

Block booking offers are also available - please ask for prices. 

Energy Healing & Intuitive Holistic Counselling

120 minutes appointment for £150

Felicity offers Intuitive Holistic Coaching which complements Reiki Healing perfectly - particularly for clients dealing with emotional issues, as well as for those who are keen and willing to grow, learn and develop.

Counselling is primarily intuitive and dependent on clients' needs, and can be focussed towards your spiritual growth, or a combination of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Couples or Groups Energy & Sound Healing

Heal together... (£120 - £250)


Whether with your partner or friend(s) ... enjoy the magic that is healing with your loved one(s). 

Couple: £120

3 People £150

4 People £180 

Felicity will create a beautiful environment where you will all be surrounded by candlelight (and flowers for special occasions) and use multiple healing tool including mini- meditation, breathwork, energy work (reiki), and sacred sound... 

We also offer private events... please contact us for more info.

Distance Healing

or 60 minutes/£75

A distance healing is primarily used when a client is unable to attend a regular session, whether geographic-restraints or if perhaps the client is bed-ridden. 

Consultation will take place prior to healing and a suitable/specific time will be organised. 

Felicity also offers house calls for those who cannot get to the ookushana workshop (Please enquire)

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