Summer Solstice Full Moon

Anyone who knows me well, will know of my obsession with the moon, particularly the Full Moon - her enigmatic beauty and energetic power amaze and overwhelm me, on a monthly basis.

Summer Solstice is equally important to me as I am a Summer Solstice baby, born on 21st June 1986 (turning 30 tomorrow!). It was also a full moon in some parts of the world!

So what is Summer Solstice?

There are actually two Solstices each year - the Summer Solstice and the Winter Solstice. They occur in June and December and are referred to diametrically depending on our residing hemisphere. So, June Solstice is "Summer Solstice" for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and Winter Solstice for those in the Southern Hemisphere. And vice versa for the December Solstice. The June Solstice always falls between 20th and 22nd June, dependent on the year and time zone - the 21st June is the date most commonly known as the "Summer Solstice".

The name "Solstice" comes from the Latin "Solstitium" which means "sun stands still". It is the exact instant of time where the tilt of the earths axis is most inclined towards the sun, directly over the Tropic of Cancer. At this point, the sun stops heading north, subsequently returning southwards. The Solstice occurs at the same time all over the world. So for those of you in the UK the event will take place tonight (20th June) at 23:34.

In the Northern Hemisphere the Summer Solstice is referred to as "the longest day of the year" as it comprises the most hours of sunlight, and marks the start of summer. In some parts of the northern hemisphere, such as Iceland, the sun actually never sets! After Summer Solstice our days will begin to shorten.

A Summer Solstice Full Moon

This years' Summer Solstice is super special as it is also the date of June's Full Moon, known as the strawberry moon. To have both the Solstice and Full Moon fall on the same day is quite rare. The last time this happened in the UK was 1967 (known as the Summer of Love) - occurring roughly every 70 years, a Summer Solstice Full Moon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Tonight's Full Moon does not appear pink or red, as the name might suggest. It was actually given the name by Native American tribes, as they believed it signalled the beginning of the strawberry picking season.

So what is the spiritual significance of a Summer Solstice Full Moon?

The Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate masculine energy. It is a time that brings forth energy and helps us step out into the light, forcing us into action, increasing our motivation and ability to follow through with our intentions. With the shedding of all we have experienced and considered over the months leading to this day, we are left with a lightness, a sense of purity and freedom.

The Full Moon landing on a Summer Solstice, will intensify cosmic energies on an already potent day. The Full Moon is a time to celebrate the feminine energy. A time to stop, breathe, to become open and receptive, allowing us to look inward and expand accordingly. So this Summer Solstice Full Moon will in fact be a meeting of the Sun God and Moon Goddess. Combining the masculine with the feminine, creating a harmonious balance. This is an all-powerful energetic fusion of light and dark which allows us to release all that holds us back, helps us to understand who we are, our purpose, and perhaps plan our next step. A time for renewal, for rebirth. A time to be true to you, authentically you.

If you have any strong feelings, or particularly compelled to do something, don't ignore it... Explore it! The more we start trusting our intuition, the more powerful it becomes. And vice versa! You will soon find yourself exactly where you didn't even know you wanted to be!

Happy Summer Solstice Full Moon everyone!!

Summer of Love - Part 2... Commence!

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