Just like the moon, I go through phases...


You notice how some days you feel so pumped you could do anything? And other days "life" gets the better of you & you want to curl up & hibernate (especially true of this time of year!) Some people feel these cycles more deeply than others, which doesn't have to be a bad thing! It's actually so beautiful... The deeper you feel, the deeper your connection ✨

The tough bit is attempting to do all these "normal life" activities on days when nature wants us to rest... Our body & mind starts to kick up a fuss - this is why we get poorly, anxious, and depressed. The most helpful thing you can do is journal each day, even if it's as little as "I feel poo" 😂 So you can begin to learn your cycles & therefore be better prepared & plan your time better... You can't change these natural cycles but you can change how you perceive them & how you work with them! Remember ... Everything is TRANSIENT 💕 .

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