SELF-LOVE - The answer to everything...

Loving ourselves doesn't come as easy as it should for most of us.

I struggled myself for years without truly realising, and although I have made a huge amount of progress, it is something I continue to work on today, and no doubt always will.

My awareness of its' need allows for more conscious-thought - which in turn supports continuous growth.

Although it might be obvious, self-love does not include giving love to others, nor receiving love from another - this is all YOU... You are both the giver & the receiver. The love you give yourself is actually more magic & fulfilling than that you could ever receive externally! It creates an optimum flow of energy for you to be your very best self.

For example, when you love yourself deeply, you naturally make the best decisions for yourself, you are able to project confidence in who you are and your abilities, and this transfers to all areas of your life.

You know how easy it is to give your best friend advice? It's because you love them and believe they deserve true happiness.

Why do we not feel that way about ourselves?! It's crazy when you think about it!

So what even is self-love?

It is a state of appreciation of ourselves - loving our strengths & weaknesses equally without having to explain either, to anyone.

It grows naturally through positive actions towards our physical, mental & spiritual growth.

For me, the main 4 I have found work for me are yoga, meditation, walks in nature and Reiki.

Through missing even one of these 4 for any prolonged amount of time, I have realised just how important each and every one is to my holistic health.

I write this after falling away from yoga for a few weeks... I began to feel all kinds of WRONG, physically and mentally... and even started to build resistance to it... I was in a state of disconnection.

Until last night, I found the missing piece once more. Moving my body through a gentle yoga flow, and releasing physical tension which was mirrored in my mind. RELEASE! And you know that buzz you feel in savasana... that is you, thanking you!

So how do we create self-love? And truly overcome any resistance to it?

Because we all know the things that are good for us... but for some reason it doesn't make it any easier?!

The first and most important step toward pure self-love is to be MINDFUL... of our thoughts - particularly our self-talk - and our actions, if they are not positive, we must ask ourselves why.

Write them down. Meditate on them. And then attempt to change them... one by one.

The second most important step is to live with intention. And this doesn't need to be a fully thought-out life purpose, it can be as simple as the intention to live a happy and healthy life... We naturally start making better decisions for ourselves.

In the midst of these two primary steps, we must also create time for self-care so we don't burn out, learn to set clear and healthy boundaries both with ourselves & others, and find forgiveness for ourselves when we fall from our path.

We have all felt the magic of love in our hearts, and how incredible it can make us feel! We gain unparalleled energy, no amount of food or sleep could generate.

We are able to create that love for ourselves, at any time... it might feel foreign at first, but with time, practice and dedication you will realise it is the answer you didn't know you were looking for all along!

The answer to everything!

I have decided to make June a month of self-love! I am going to give myself wholly to what I know is good for me!

Who is with me?

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