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In the meantime, you can purchase the recording of the taster day retreat below


The Unbinding //
Divine Feminine Activation Day Retreat

This is a recording of a day retreat held in April 2021.
It is split into 2 parts (totalling around 7 hours) - you can spread the 2 parts over different days, but please ensure you have a good 3-4 hours for each part to get the most out of this offering!



- Opening Meditation & Grounding Practice

- Cacao Ceremony & Journaling Journey

- Devoting To Self & Accessing Your Highest Power & Timeline

- Embodiment Alchemy To Heal Sexual Shame

- Serpent Light Codes: Awakening The Feminine Force Within Through Breathwork & Elemental Ritual

- Accessing & Reclaiming Your Inner Wild Goddess Through Intuitive Movement & Embodied Flow

- Sacred Sound & Light Language Transmission: Awakening Your Inner Codes

& more...



- Any woman looking to co-create magick with Earth, Self & Spirit

- Any woman looking to heal their relationship with their feminine energy and sensuality

- Any woman feeling disconnected from their sacral space, creative energy, and flow

- Any woman who is looking to reignite their spark

- Any woman looking deepen their relationship with their own body, receptivity and pleasure

- Any woman looking to release themselves from sexual shame and guilt

- Any woman ready to birth a new version of themselves, free from fear, shame and guilt