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What's Coming Up?


- Activating Your Magic // A 5-Week Course with Kate Herrick 

(Online Only)

- Sattva Himalayan Kundalini Breathwork // A 4-Week Course with Amanda Winburn (Online & In Person)

- Crystal Flow // A 4-Week Course with Lorna Kerr

(Online & In-Person)

- Womb Yoga // A 4-Week Course with Becki Sams

(Online & In-Person)

- Usui Reiki Training // A 1-Day Course with Felicity Weston

(In Person Only)

- Creating Ceremony & Ritual // A 5-Week training course with Felicity Weston (Online & In-Person - coming soon!)

- A Lightworker's Journey // A 6-Week Course with Felicity Weston  (Online Only)


Activating Your Magic

A 5-Week Course


with Kate Herrick (Calm Collective)

Starts Wednesday 14th October


Activating Your Magic: A 5-Week Online Course

With Kate Herrick (Calm Collective)


Wednesday 14th October - Wednesday 11th November 2020

7:00pm - 8:30pm

** RECORDED for those who cannot make the live **


Week 1 // Energy activation: coming back to your essence

Week 2 // Story telling: what narrative is being manifested?

Week 3 // The magical mundane: the medicine of presence

Week 4 // Creative flow: aligning with your truth

Week 5 // Integration: trust + embody your magical vibration

*** You will receive printable healing sheets with prompts to journey with each week



You can feel it right? The whispers calling you to dive within and witness all that you are. To no longer play small. To no longer question yourself. No longer doubt your importance, or value. It is time to embody your innate power.

Your magic is a medicine we need in this moment.

We truly do change the world by healing ourselves. You have a deeply unique journey of healing that will birth clarity, wisdom, magical gifts and a higher frequency. The world needs what you have to offer.

Trust yourself as you evolve.

It is time to shake up and disrupt the patterns of playing small.

Within this 5 week activation of your magic you will enter a welcoming, supportive, playful space to explore the energy within. Yogic and intuitive movement, breath work, meditation, affirmations and journalling will be explored so you can connect deeply with the energetic currents flowing within. Through feeling you will heal and transmute spaces hardened by the past into beautiful wisdom and medicine to carry forward.

Everything you see and enjoy in this world that is human-made started as a thought in someones mind! So know that you are magical. You are a manifestor. What you frequent the most energetically will be more easily drawn to you. So what is the story running in the background? What is the current energy of your affirmation…of that dialogue going on in your mind? It is usually one which holds you back and keeps you small.

Understand the frequency you frequent the most. Habits form our reality so as we seek to call in more abundance, love, alignment, we must move through blocks and begin to raise our own frequency. Consistency is key here. What may seem abstract at first glance is actually very scientific! It all starts with the mind- specifically our subconscious mind which runs about 90% of our thoughts, actions, and behaviours. We must start by reprogramming the go-to frequency. As we vibrate at a higher frequency not only do we feel better but this feeling of wholeness, gratitude, strength and capability begins to attract what we seek.

We have all moved through collective and individual wounds this year. Doubt, fear, rejection, feeling out of control. Within this chaos is the gift of elevating and evolving…perhaps you have felt the small tug to try something new and step out of your familiar comfort zone?

As ‘comfortable’ as they can be these zones keep us where we are. There can be a stagnation. You are here, reading this, and incarnated at this specific time for a reason! It is time to trust your magic and connect more consistently and deeply with your essence- pure creative energy. Come back into love with yourself first and foremost, and from this place your magic will overflow and shine the light for those around you!


Kate’s guidance is nurturing & empowering all at once. Creative sequencing will guide you into trust & activate your magic…the magic of your body’s wisdom whilst loving layered to help you explore moving toward & when it feels right, outside of your comfort zone.

Kate’s signature sequence will be the starting point of the physical practice. You will become more familiar with the movements meaning each week you drop more easily into presence & intimacy with your body wisdom.

These movements will revive your unique magic, & ignite your capacity to step into this power.

Once the mind has settled the external guidance will be carefully peeled away to open space for you to let your body lead the way.


£60 for 5-week course



Please book via the link below via Eventbrite

OR via Paypal (hello@ookushana.com - however PLEASE ensure this is sent via friends and family)


If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email us: hello@ookushana.com

sattva photo.jpeg

Sattva Himalayan

Kundalini Breathwork

A 4-Week Course 


With Amanda Winburn

Starts Monday 19th October

7pm BST UK


Led by Amanda Winburn


 4-weeks every Monday.

Starting: Monday 19th October 7-8pm UK

In Person at ookushana workshop / OR LIVE online via Zoom


(All sessions will be recorded so you can also journey in your own time)

Sattva yoga practices refine and expand your consciousness. They correct the intellect and facilitate your connection to Brahma (the cosmic, timeless, absolute Self. You start to experience yourself as an increasingly cosmic being (spirit) having a physical experience, rather than a physical being (or personality) having a spiritual experience.

Many individuals come to yoga with the intention of mastering the mind. Every cell in the body has a mind, intelligence and memory - trauma is stored in the body memory. The Sattva Yoga practices are uniquely designed to release bio-memory and this works at a cellular level to instigate deep healing. To live our most authentic lives, we must move beyond the fearful chattering of the mind and dive into the awakened heart.

Each Monday we will focus on a particular Kriya and Pranayama set (breathwork) a technology designed in the Himalayas India and orally past down through the generations of gurus & ascending masters. With the use of the breath we will cleanse the body of toxins, and invite trauma repair and healing at a cellular level. We will jump the timeline, healing the wounds of our conditioning and clearing the brain of negative thought processes - regulating stability, strengthening the lung capacity, reversing the aging process, repairing energetic scarring in our auric field and preventing sickness. We will seek to wake up to our own power- opening ourselves to our true authentic selves.

Each week will be a carefully crafted unique set, and you will observe very quickly the shift in consciousness as the nadis (energy channels) are energetically cleansed. This is a progressive practice which works to aid in eliminating fears, reprogramming the conditioned mind, lower mind, building lung capacity and healing at a cellular level.


We are happy to offer the opportunity go join this transformational course online or in the studio & online beginning Monday 19th October.

Energy Exchange // 



To Book Onto The Course IN PERSON please follow the link below:

To Book Onto the ONLINE Course please follow the link below:


Crystal Flow

A 4-Week Course 


With Lorna Kerr

Starts Tuesday 20th October

7pm BST UK

Crystal Flow: Yoga, Reiki & Crystal Healing

A 4-Week Course with Lorna Kerr

All sessions will be recorded so you can also journey in your own time.

Each week you will receive your very own 'crystal of the week' to journey with and kick-start or add to your collection!

This course unites 3 beautiful healing modalities: Yoga, the art of crystal healing & the Japanese energy healing practice Reiki.

In this course we will EMBODY the crystal we are working with on that particular week, allowing the healing energy of the stones to permeate our mind, bodies & souls.

We will practice a Vinyasa based sequence together, with movements chosen carefully to work with the Chakra system, with the sequence designed to move prana/chi/energy in a way which invites optimal energy flow within the body. After the flow, we will have ample time to relax. Lorna believes that true shifts come during stillness and that yoga is a preparation for mediation, rather than a purely physical practice. This class will invite you to leave your ego at the door - do what feels GOOD on the day, honour your body & your soul will sing. During the relaxation/meditative segment of the class, Lorna will practice the art of 'Crystal Reiki', giving you an individualised Reiki 'mini-session' in conjunction with the healing vibrations of the crystals.

Week One: Rose Quartz. Deep emotional healing. Transformation, Change, Reflection. Consolidating the journey. Opening the Anahata chakra and releasing past hurts with compassion. Love for the self, love for others. Freeing the body and the mind through a heart-opening sequence...and of course, plenty of time left for a heart healing Crystal Reiki Session!!

Week Two: Black Onyx. We ground down and go inwards. Flow with strength in the knowledge you are protected, safe and divinely loved. Unapologetically take up space, free your mind of mental narratives that no longer serve and honour the crystal that is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the body. The flow and healing will be focused on the Root Chakra this week.

Week Three: Red Tiger's Eye...Find your FIRE...we will be fanning the flames of the Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra with core work and strengthening postures. The movement and healing this week will focus on healing and opening this Chakra - helping us to find harmony, self-confidence, resilience and strength on all levels.

Week Four: Blue Howlite. Let's De-stress. This class is focused on finding CALM and stress relief. We'll also be working to heal the throat chakra - expressing ourselves apologetically with clarity and clear boundaries. The healing this week will focus on the fifth chakra, Vishuddha.

As ever, at ookushana we are passionate about celebrating everybody & every BODY...this course is suitable for all, no matter your yoga experience. Please do let us know if you'd like to chat about the course or have questions. Otherwise, simply come with an open mind, ready to heal and surrender to the stirrings of your soul's call for inner peace...❤

Energy Exchange //

£50 for IN PERSON course (with crystals)

£40 for ONLINE course 

Booking //

To book onto the IN PERSON Course, please use the button below:

To book onto the ONLINE course, please use the button below:

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Womb Yoga

A 4-Week Course 


With Becki Sams

Starts Thursday 12th November

7pm BST UK

Womb Yoga


A 4-Week Course 


With Becki Sams

Begins Thursday 12th November 19:00-20:30pm


All sessions will be recorded so you can also journey in your own time

4-weeks of womb wisdom & sacred feminine care

Craving more “me time”? In need of some serious self-care? Ready to nourish your spirit, awaken your feminine energy, and totally reclaim your radiance?

Join women’s health specialist Becki to still your busy mind, step into your personal power, and unleash your inner goddess with this 4-week Womb Yoga course. 

Womb yoga is a nourishing fusion of hatha yoga, tantra, and the sacred feminine. This practice empowers you to deeply trust and honour yourself, using your body’s cyclical wisdom to unlock your potent power. 

You deserve to feel utterly amazing, so join us as we surrender to pure, unadulterated *bliss*.

Working with the womb supports you to:

- Love and accept your body exactly the way it is

- Activate your creative energy and clarify your life’s purpose

- Tap into your inner sensual goddess and reclaim your radiance

- Experience more play, pleasure, and passion in your life

- Tune into the magic of your body’s natural cycles and rhythms

- Facilitate healing of womb-related issues (such as PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and irregular periods)

- Optimise your fertility, and promote bonding with your baby (if pregnant)

- Awaken your intuition and bodily wisdom, on a cellular level

- Feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin

Note // these classes are open to all levels, including absolute beginners. 


The 4 Season's We'll Play With //

Working with the divine feminine energies of the seasons helps us call forth specific powers and qualities within us (which are mirrored by our natural monthly cycle).

The four seasons embody the 4 properties of strength, freedom, wisdom, and love:

- SPRING: unleash the inner creatrix & intuitive wisdom

- SUMMER: celebrate your sensuality & potent inner strength

- AUTUMN: reclaim your wild & untamed nature

-  WINTER: embrace deep love, trust & abundance

In each class, we’ll flow through fluid feminine asana (yoga postures), cleansing pranayama (breathwork), mantra (sacred sound), mudra (energy seals), and nourishing yoga nidra (yogic sleep) to awaken, heal, and balance our sacred womb space.


What To Expect // 

- Mantra to invoke the divine feminine

- Sacral breathwork to release and clear energetic blockages

- Womb yoga to create spaciousness and relaxation in the body

- Energetic womb connection practices to invite deep self-love

- Blissful guided yoga nidra meditation

- Soul sharing and circle work to facilitate healing

Energy Exchange // 


Booking // 

To book onto the IN PERSON Course, please use the button below:

To book onto the ONLINE course, please use the button below:

Reiki Training 


Level 1

With Felicity Weston

Saturday 21st November

9:00am - 7:30pm


Usui Reiki Training: Level 1


A 1-Day Training Course

with Felicity Weston


Saturday 21st November

9:00am - 7:30pm

** Please Note: This course will be taught in small groups until further notice **


Love Notes From Felicity (your guide) //

"Teaching others how to connect to and channel universal energy is one of my absolute favourite offerings. It is such an honour to pass along all I have learned (so far) through experience, along with the guidance of my many teachers and those in the Usui lineage.⁣⁣

I see this offering as a true gift, to ignite a remembering for the beings called to learn. A remembering of who they are, why they are here and of their ability to heal.⁣⁣

The Reiki attunement is an initiation of sorts, which sparks this remembering on an energetic level, and seeks to "bring into harmony", that is, bringing about balance... and thus, guiding a person closer to their truth.⁣

Reiki is a created word, like all others, used to label that which has infinite potential labels, something which is almost beyond definition. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣It is life-force energy, it is source energy, it is universal energy, it is divine energy. It is the all-knowing energy that sees & understands the cause & the cure. It is love. It is light. ⁣⁣

Usui Reiki is one of many lineages to source. A family history, of sorts, from you/me ... to source. This lineage is both incredibly important, yet also completely unimportant, as all energy is channeled from the same place. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣For me personally, "Usui Reiki" served as a beautiful foundation to become the healer my soul knew I was. ⁣⁣

It is not the only route to becoming a healer, of course, yet I knew I had to become a teacher of Reiki because of the impact it had on my life. I simply knew I needed to share it with others... to help people remember all that we are capable of. All that we are. ⁣⁣

Since embarking on the transformative journey in 2012 my life has been in constant & rapid evolution.

I believe being attuned to Reiki fast-tracked my spiritual journey to remembering who I am & why I am here. It did so very subtly, yet with a force like no other. ⁣⁣

I love the history of Reiki & believe the principles & teachings to be very important, for us all. I love they are all-inclusive; all are welcome. ⁣

Usui, the man who rediscovered the lost art of hands on healing, dedicated his life to this discovery, and then the rest of it to healing and sharing what he had learned with as many people as he could before he passed out of his body. His dying wish was for Reiki to spread around the world as he believed this lost wisdom could help to heal our World. It makes me so happy to know his wish has come / is coming true. Reiki is now so widely known, in comparison to what it was even just a few years ago, and it is still growing exponentially! ⁣

It has found it's way from being "woo-woo mumbo jumbo" all the way to being welcomed into Western Medicine hospitals! 🙌🏼⁣

⁣I am so proud to continue the sharing of this important work. "


Reiki is such a special gift to be attuned to, and here at ookushana we believe that students should learn Reiki in a safe and sacred space, surrounded by like-minded people.

At ookushana, we support students closely throughout the process of "becoming a healer" - or better still, remembering you are a healer.

Students are encouraged to take adequate time to learn and grow between each stage of training - ensuring they become an accredited Reiki Healer, with infinite ongoing support.


Reiki 1 isn't just for those looking to become a practitioner, it is also perfect for those who are on their own healing journey, and looking to enhance their own self-healing capabilities, or simply to expand their spirituality and consciousness. It is also a perfect addition for someone already working in the holistic and wellbeing field, and looking to incorporate something new into their offering.

Whatever your reason for learning Reiki, we can guarantee the process will be life-transformative, and help you on your your journey, no matter what that is...


What To Expect //

During this course you will be introduced to the world of energy healing through a combination of theory and practice, and receive your attunement to become a vessel for the energy.

ookushana training is relaxed and informal, with a combination of lecture, discussion and experience.


What does the course cover //

- Reiki and Energy

- The Chakras & Subtle Energy Body

- The History of Reiki

- The Reiki Principles

- The Attunements and the 21-day Clearing Process

- Your Reiki Lineage

- Creating your Sacred Space

- Self-Treatment

- Treating others

- Power Intensification for Level 1

- Energy Protection & clearing

- Looking forward... (to become a Practitioner)


What is included?


- 1 FULL DAY training in an intimate group

- Your Reiki Level 1 Manual

- Your Reiki Level 1 Certificate

- Vegan lunch, snacks and refreshments

- Group Movement & Meditation - Opening to receive

- Individual Attunement Ceremonies


What is the Investment //

- £250.00


Do you offer a payment plan?

YES of course!


We offer instalment plans to suit you, usually with a 50% - £125.00 deposit paid upon booking to secure your place

Please email hello@ookushana.com


Why choose ookushana //

- Hands-on learning

- Face-to-face and individual attunements

- Development at an achievable pace

- We encourage the development of your own unique gifts and style

- Pure and traceable lineage to Dr Usui

- Our courses follow the syllabus' as set by the Reiki Federation & guidelines set by the Reiki Council

- We offer a more personalised approach to learning, providing you with the tools to process and integrate new knowledge into your life

- We offer life-long support from Master/Teacher, Felicity, and our growing network


Please Note// We also offer 1-2-1 training if you are looking for a more personalised experience.


If you have any questions or would like to book directly please contact Felicity via email at hello@ookushana.com


Please book via Eventbrite using the button link below. Or if you would like to pay a deposit and bring the rest on the day please email hello@ookushana.com

Creating Ceremony & Ritual

Level 1



With Felicity Weston


Creating Ceremony & Ritual: An Experiential Training


With Felicity Weston (ookushana)


"Ritual is a visible act performed with invisible intent"

"LIFE is the ceremony. How we live is the ritual"

I have been lovingly asked by spirit to create this new offering. An experiential training course to create ceremony & ritual.

It is fair to say our culture has become largely disconnected.

There is disconnection from the world around us, the land – Mother Earth. The Earth is screaming to get our attention… yet we seem to have forgotten the language she speaks.

There is also a lack of true connection between people. We have become less able to give and receive, from a place of authenticity.

There is lack of connection to ourselves, and our souls. An uncertainty of who we really are, and why we are here.

And there is lack of connection to spirit. That which is our very essence, and offers the connection to where we are from, as well as guidance to our lives here on Earth.

Living in disconnect leaves us feeling lost, alone and yearning for HOME. A place we feel we truly belong.

Our society has too become largely individualistic. I, me, my… And this is a huge part of the problem. We have lost sense of community.Thus, we have lost sense of true connection.

We, humans, have created ceremony and ritual since the beginning of time. The need for both lives within our DNA! We have simply lost our way as a collective, away from the things that truly feed us, and our connection.

It is for this reason, and many others that I wish to share this offering. To help people (re)create connection through ritual and ceremony. For the past few years I have been in deep remembering. I am still remembering!

For me, creating and experiencing ritual and ceremony has gifted what was missing from my life. And I wish to help guide others to do the same.

What Should I Expect?

This course is a beautiful mix of ceremony, exploration, discussion, experience, taught learning, and personal inquiry. We will be learning traditions, the many ways of others’, while most importantly connecting to our own unique gifts and creative expression. You will experience various rituals and ceremonies during this training course, thus it will be also be deeply healing & activating.


What will I learn?

Creating Sacred Space

Connecting to Spirit

Clearing & Protection

Blessings & Vows

Connecting to & working with the Land

Working with the elements

Altar Creation

Working with The Four Directions

Working with The Cycles of The Moon

Healing The Earth

Daily Rituals

Sacred Tools & Plants

Guiding Meditation & Journeying


Sacred Sound & Music

Objects & Symbology

Igniting Unique Creative Expression

Working with The Earths Cycles of Celebration


Who is the Guide?

The course is led by Felicity Weston:

International Light Worker

Intuitive Energy Healer

Usui Reiki Master & Teacher

Shamanic Womb Healer

Ancestral Lineage Healer

Sacred Sound Healer

Light Language Channeller

Sacred Ritual Facilitator

Shamanic Yoga Teacher

Movement Medicine Guide

Felicity is a light-worker, whole-heartedly in service to spirit, and the greater good of humanity. She is an energy healer, that is, a conduit to channel pure light and love from Source. She trained in Usui Reiki to Master Teacher level, immersively yet slowly over 4 years, which had such a profound effect on her life - and so birthed ookushana Healing School, where she now seeks to help others connect to their own unique medicine. Felicity is also a Shamanic Yoga Teacher and Ritual Facilitator, working with movement, sacred sound, breathwork, elemental alchemy and plant medicines. Felicity specialises in Ancestral Healing - working with the carried energies beyond our lifetime, and the collective wounds within us all. She also specialises in Shamanic Womb Healing & works alongside her dear friend and fellow healer Josie to share Womb Awakening - an International offering - to help women connect more closely with their truth, their purpose, and their sweet innocence – the true recipe for happiness.Felicity is founder of ookushana, a Healing School – with a current base in West Yorkshire, England. ookushana is a word created using affinity numerology and ancient language, with the purposeful meaning “infinite inner grace”. Felicity’s mission is to help people find this inner grace, which we all seek and deserve. Her workshop welcomes many spiritual teachers and healers from around the world, who come to share their gifts with the community. Over the past 8 years, Felicity has helped clients, friends and family, overcome deep-rooted trauma, behaviours and ailments - her approach most different from any western medicine, allowing for a more subjective, personal relationship and healing with love. Her compassionate and nurturing nature allows Felicity to hold space with love and without judgement for those who are brave enough to seek truth and look within.

Who is this course for?

- Therapists, healers and teachers looking to deepen their knowledge of working with spirit & ritual facilitation

- Anyone feeling called to bring ritual into their lives

- Those feeling called to share ceremonies or rituals with their friends, families & the public

- Those living in disconnect & looking to remember where they are from & why they are here

- Those seeking a deeper connection to the Earth and her cycles

- Those seeking a deeper connection to spirit


What is the Investment?


Payment Plans Welcome:

Deposit £144

Payment must be made in full before the start of the course

This is an ONLINE version of the course

with all classes and ceremonies via ZOOM

What is included?

- A Working Manual

- Certification (upon completion of course work)

If you are interested in this course – please email Felicity at hello@ookushana.com for an application form.

light worker pic.JPG

A Lightworkers Journey

Level 1


A 6-Week ONLINE Journey 

With Felicity Weston


A Deeply Healing & Activating 6-Week Journey

Remembering & Honouring Who You Are, Your Unique Purpose, Your Medicine & Your Gifts 

Healing The Wounds That Bind You

Becoming A Heart-Led Wayshower

And Living Your Dream In Abundance 


I am so happy to finally birth this new offering to the world, after many signs and requests! It has been long in the making, but when lockdown hit I felt I should “hold on” as things felt so uncertain - however over the past 2 weeks I have felt Spirit nudging me. 

A gentle reminder it is more important to share this work right now than ever before, as we are met with the rising of our heart & soul - leading us to consider our place in the world, and where our time and energy is best spent - so I have decided to offer the first round of this journey at a hugely reduced rate - an honouring of the times, and in dedication to my work here on Earth: helping as many beings as possible to remember their light! 

This course is multi-faceted, and open to all who feel called! 

Although you will be learning (remembering!), this is a healing and awakening journey - above all. 

My intention is to create the space for you to dive deep into all that you are - to connect with your soul, your higher self - and remember your purpose, your unique medicine, your gifts, and of course - your power!


The journey flows through 3 elements:

1: Journeying Into All That You Are

2. Removing The Blocks & Healing The Wounds

3. Birthing The Dream & Being In Service



*** This offering is online ***

Rituals & Classes are held Via Zoom - all are recorded & downloadable **


21 Hours with me

Plus Weekly (& Lifelong) Homework 

** Homework does not need to be handed in or “completed” in time for classes 

It is open, fluid, and ongoing… and most importantly, FOR YOU!


- 1 Workbook a week (received on Sundays)

The workbooks will ignite your weekly journey - offering questions to create the rising of what is needed. You will explore in your own space and time, over the week (or slowly over the entire course... and beyond!) 


- 1 Online Zoom Class a week (Wednesday Evening 7pm - 9pm) 

This will be a class to delve a little deeper into the weekly topic, and a chance for you to ask any questions that have come up. 

I will be sharing my own experiences, knowledge and channelling what is needed 


​- 1 Sacred Healing Ritual every 2 weeks (3 in total)

(Sunday Evening 6:00 - 9:00pm)

RECORDED for those who cannot make the time

We will journey DEEP using cacao medicine (the heart-opener), movement medicine, and energy work - to release the things holding us back, to connect us to our inner LIGHT, open our HEART and fuel our inner POWER.

I will share Light Language Transmissions from the stars - sacred codes of light offering your soul memory activation 


​- Daily Rituals, Meditations & Movement Practices to honour your being

These will not be compulsory, this is YOUR journey. I will be offering you suggestions and tools to enhance your experience.


​- An online support network for ALL beings on the course via a private Facebook group

--- to connect with the like-minded beings, who will be journeying with you… offering you COMMUNITY 


​- Optional Extra: 1 private mentoring session £111 - usually £150) 

// This is Option 2: £333 Total \\





Part 1 (Weeks 1 & 2)

Journeying into all that you are

Exploring the magic of YOU 

From the magic of your BIRTH to the mantra that is your name

Discovery of the true self - who you are, where you are from & why you are here

Remembering YOUR purpose / mission on earth in this lifetime

Accessing & welcoming your unique gifts / medicine

Activating Your Soul

Becoming a channel

Inviting All That Is Meant For You 

Discovering & Designing Your Unique Spiritual Tool Box

Connecting With Your Soul Family 

Connecting To Your Higher Self 

Connecting & Working with Your Spirit Team 

Activating Your INTUITION 

Learning To Listen. Learning How To Read Signs. 

Learning HOW You Sense

& more...


Part 2 (Weeks 3 & 4)

Removing The Blocks & Healing The Wounds

Connecting With Mother Earth & Your Body

Falling In Love With The Dark

Learning The True Meaning Of ONENESS

Healing Lack of Self-Worth & Reclaiming Your Power

Healing Money/Energy Blocks & Welcoming Abundance 

Healing Fear of Being Seen & Stepping Into Your Light

Healing Unhealed Trauma & Clearing What Binds You / Holds You Back

 Ancestral, Past Life, Inner Child, Learned Ways & Fears...

Releasing The Need To Be "Perfect"

Learning To Trust & Surrender


Part 3 (weeks 5 & 6)

Birthing The Dream & Being In Service

Creating soft but firm boundaries as an empath/sensitive 

Honouring Your Time & Energy

Being ok with saying NO

Balancing masculine & feminine energies

Honouring Your Natural Flow & The Cycles of Nature

Accessing passion & drive

Becoming a heart-led leader & wayshower

Learning from MY mistakes instead of your own!

Learning to channel, not replicate 

Creating unique offerings to share with the world 

Creating a soul-full and abundant business 

Creating the life of your dreams


​This journey will not only help you connect to the guide and healer inside, but it will help you help others do the same...



** First & most importantly those feeling called ** 

Healers / those already in service (teachers/healers/practitioners)

Those feeling called to be in service or become a lightworker/healer/teacher

Those feeling a soul-calling towards change... 

Those called to a more spiritual path

Those wishing to make their passion their life’s work but feeling stuck/trapped

Those struggling to birth their ideas / dreams

Those in service but struggling to move forward / find clientele

Those struggling to believe they can achieve their dreams

Those feeling disconnected/lost/in transition…

Those wanting to strengthen their connection with their higher selves, and/or their spirit team

Those ready for CHANGE

The sensitives, the empaths who want to create a business from the heart but with strong boundaries!

Heart-led leaders & entrepreneurs



Felicity has spent the best part of a decade (& multiple lifetimes) gaining experience in energy healing and living as a lightworker in this beautiful, crazy world. 

She knows first-hand just how confusing the experience of awakening can be. 

Feeling alive, but uncertain. 

Knowing hope, but lacking trust. 

Feeling connected, but totally isolated.

Feeling an imposter in your own life.

What we need is someone who has experienced their becoming, to be a wayshower. 

Someone who understands us and speaks our language. 

Someone who has experienced the loss it takes to embrace truth. 


** Please Read more about Felicity Below **




Option 1: £222

Option 2: £333 (Including Additional 1-2-1 Mentoring Session with Felicity)

Please email me if you would like to be added to the waitlist via hello@ookushana.com

T: 07975557462 (Felicity)
    07817252079 (Lorna - Assistant Manager)
E: hello@ookushana.com (Felicity)
    joinourtribe@ookushana.com (Lorna)
The Workshop, 94b Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds 
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