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Trainings, Courses & CPD Opportunities

at ookushana Healing School

Yin Yang: A 2-day CPD Training Weekend with traditional acupuncturist, mentor-supervisor and kundalini yoga instructor Teresa Syed



..All beings support yin and embrace yang

and the interplay of these two forces

fills the universe

Yet only at the still point,

between the breathing in and the breathing out

can one capture the two in perfect harmony ....'


Yin-Yang* energies are rhythmically innate within and without. We are an integral part of the natural world and when we align with this praanic (qi) flow then we are vibrant healthy beings able to manifest our gifts and live out our life path. When we move away from this then our lives become imbalanced and peace of body-mind eludes us.

Yin-Yang theory underpins Eastern philosophy and is embedded in the healing arts, yogic, tai qi and qi-gong practices to name but a few.


What does yin-yang mean to you?


How far are you fully attuned to these energies in your daily life? your spiritual practice? and for those of in holistic health in the treatments you give?


When planning yoga and meditation classes how connected are you with the wax and wane of yin~yang and incorporating that into the space you hold?


This 2 day workshop delves into an understanding the yin and yang model to enrich your world view.


It incorporates movement and meditation to illustrate this perpetual flow of energy through us and how we can more consciously bring it into our daily lives, yogic practice or for our healing.


For holistic practitioners, whatever your approach - it will further inform your understanding of dis-ease and your healing strategies.


Everyone is welcome - you don't have to be a yoga teacher or holistic health practitioner to enjoy this event. If you are interested in eastern philosophy and living your life as a healthy vibrant being in rhythm with nature then this event is for you too<3


* Yin/Yang - a concept through which the ancient Chinese perceived everything in and around us as comprising of these two interdependent qualities.


This model is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a way to understand ill health and disease on a physical, mental emotional and psychological level and in order to restore the body's equilibrium to good health.


Teresa Syed is a traditional acupuncturist, mentor-supervisor and kundalini yoga instructor. She taught for six years as Lecturer and Cinical Supervisor on the BSc Acupuncture degree course at one of Leeds leading universities.


Following on from that she ran CPD courses for health practitioners using needling techniques.

Teresa is passionate about incorporating ancient healing practices into the context of 21st century living - to heal and elevate others



3-Day Sound Healing Training Course with Mark Zigon (Sonic Temple)



ookushana is incredibly excited to be hosting Sound Therapist Marko Zigon's first training in Leeds!


Dubai based sound engineer Marko Zigon will share with us how he embraces frequency and vibration. Dealing with sound since 1993, first as a musician later a career in music production all until he felt the inner call for something deeper. Marko will explain overall insights of this extremely powerful Modality. He is Internationally certified in Tuning forks, Himalayan & Crystal singing bowls, Gongs, private and group sound meditations.





Saturday 30th May - Monday 1st June

10:00am - 5:00pm





Sat 30th May 2020: 10 am - 17.00 LEVEL 1 - Basic

Sun 31st May 2020: 10 am - 17.00 LEVEL 2 - Intermediate

Mon 01st Jun 2020: 10 am - 17.00 LEVEL 3 - Advanced


What is the investment?


Each module is £225


Or book the full course for £550


Please note: you have to start from Level 1 with Marko for the course even with previous experience.



How do I book?


You may book through Eventbrite with a 50% deposit for the full 3-day course.

Or If you would like to book directly / set up a payment plan, please contact Felicity / Lorna at hello@ookushana.com


Space is limited - book now to avoid disappointment!!




Full course content below:


There are 3 levels. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.


Each is held one day from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The course is perhaps the most complete available as it includes many aspect (not only one ex. Himalayan singing bowls) but rather an "integral" 360 degree approach. Topics covered are posted below... in total 48 of them. Covering all three major sound healing tools families: Tuning Forks, Himalayan singing bowls, Crystal singing bowls, Gongs and some other sound therapy tools... at end of each level you receive a colour printed handover and at the completion a sound healing practitioner certificate. Each participant will have the option to be a "giver" and "receiver" thus resulting in a better understanding of the theoretical part. For any additional inquiries please contact Marko directly: marko@sonictemple.me






What is Sound Healing?


What is Sound?


Sound sources


The Human ear


Sound in History


Cultures of the World


1960 to now


What is the Chakra?


The Interpretation


How to balance them?


Sound Vs. Music


Sound Therapy Effects


Sound Tools (1)


Mallets & Wands (1)


Intensity Levels


Practical Case(s) (1)






Basic about notes & intervals


Principle of harmonic sessions


Sound therapy options


Understanding the main issue


Selection of proper tools


Types of sessions


Detox Session


Balancing session


Setting up the goal or intention






Toning and over-toning


Sound tools (2)


Mallets & Wands (2)


Supportive stuff and gadgets


Practical Case/s (2)






Sound meditation setup


Types of sound meditation


Structure and execution


Grounding Vs. Uplifting


Singing bowl massage


Brain waves


Head Defogging


432 Vs. 440 Hz


Applying proper vision


Space cleansing


Basics of acoustics


Lighting and hydrating


Aroma and AC


Sound Tools (3)


Practical Case7s (3)






About Mark:


Marko Zigon has been connected to Sound since 1993. Trained in classical music (Trombone and Percussions) he later formed a band and performed more than 500 live shows - recording 2 studio albums.



Bachelor in Acoustics he later successfully completed the Australian International School for Audio Engineering (SAE). In 2005 he experienced sound healing for the first time and immediately sensed a deep attraction to it.



After completing more than 15 international trainings and personal tuitions by leading experts in the field held in Germany, UK, Japan, USA, Italy, Russia, France, Poland, and Nepal... he delivered more than 900 individual sound therapy sessions, hosting more than 300 group meditations around the globe as well.



Marko has been constantly cultivating responsible, innovative and passionate approach to his sound therapy practice which can be supported by pioneering the "Body Frequency response test" - a unique sound evaluation method featuring high accuracy diagnosis.



Relentlessly evolving and focusing on delivering the best experience Marko has gathered so far an impressive collection of sonic tools (which include more than 120 singing bowls, 101+ tuning forks and 14 different gongs) among many other rare instruments he is sharing the passion during his regularly 60+ international trainings held in: UAE, Germany, Italy, Nepal, Bahrain, England, USA, Hong Kong and Japan.



For the last 3 years he is constantly teaching sound therapy courses: (level 1,2 & 3).


Some references and key competences related to this training:


Gongs: Certified GM training with the Grand gong master Don Conreaux (USA) as well as cosmic gong techniques with gong scientist Jens Zygar (Germany). Gong making (hand-hammering) masterclass with sound metalsmith Ton Akkermans (Netherlands).



Singing bowls: Peter Hess sound massage training level 1-4 (in Germany, personally with Peter Hess at PHI headquarter). Sound training in Nepal at the Himalayan singing bowl center with “Kassa” dynasty successors (Kathmandu). Private lessons with singing bowl expert Frank Perry (UK).


Tuning forks: Private lectures with frequency mathematician Randy Masters (Santa Cruz - California), Tuning forks Human tuning training with John Beaulieu (New York) and planetary frequency consultations with the father of planetary wavelengths - Hans Cousto (Germany).






"I've completed the sound therapy course and recently had private sessions with Marko Zigon as well. I can whole heartedly say he is a magical maestro. His inherent skill in creating an artistic flow of vibrations was beautiful and subtle. After each session there was a definite shift in my level of acceptance and chakra alignment that was even apparent to others in my everyday life. His method of teaching makes the theory so easy to absorb and with the practice it's a great course for anyone interested in sound and vibrational energy."


Fariba Zoulfaghari - United Arab Emirates



I have just finished Marko’s Sound Healing & Vibrational Therapy courses levels 1 2 & 3. It was an amazing 3 days of learning, practicing and really understanding at a deep level the incredible therapeutic effects that sound delivers. Marko is so patient and made sure each and everyone of us understood the in-depth knowledge he teaches. He has done so much of his own research and has developed the most unique and incredible sound therapy tools which work on a much deeper level I have ever experienced before. He made the class so interesting and we had so much fun! Anyone who wants to understand more about sound therapy I highly recommend Marko’s classes.


Katherine Gildert – UK



I highly recommend the three-day sound therapy course conducted by Marco Zigon to anybody interested to become a sound therapist. His passion and knowledge about the topic was clearly evident and immense, and one can only absorb as much as possible in the short time span, where we covered so much content. After the course one walks away with a clear understanding of many possibilities and approaches. Thank you Marko for a very enjoyable course.


Dina Paneris - Greece

Usui Reiki Training: with Reiki Master Teacher Felicity Weston


Felictiy offers Reiki Training for Levels 1, 2 & 3, either on a 1:1 level or in small groups. For more detailed information please see the 'Reiki Training Tab' or feel free to contact hello@ookushana.com for details of dates and upcoming trainings. 

Read the following from Felicity on what Reiki means to her: 

"Teaching others how to connect to and channel universal energy is one of my absolute favourite offerings. It is such an honour to pass along all I have learned (so far) through experience, along with the guidance of my many teachers and those in the Usui lineage.⁣⁣


I see this offering as a true gift, to ignite a remembering for the beings called to learn. A remembering of who they are, why they are here and of their ability to heal.⁣⁣


The Reiki attunement is an initiation of sorts, which sparks this remembering on an energetic level, and seeks to "bring into harmony", that is, bringing about balance... and thus, guiding a person closer to their truth.⁣


Reiki is a created word, like all others, used to label that which has infinite potential labels, something which is almost beyond definition. ⁣⁣


It is life-force energy, it is source energy, it is universal energy, it is divine energy. It is the all-knowing energy that sees & understands the cause & the cure. It is love. It is light. ⁣⁣


Usui Reiki is one of many lineages to source. A family history, of sorts, from you/me ... to source. This lineage is both incredibly important, yet also completely unimportant, as all energy is channeled from the same place. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣For me personally, "Usui Reiki" served as a beautiful foundation to become the healer my soul knew I was. ⁣⁣


It is not the only route to becoming a healer, of course, yet I knew I had to become a teacher of Reiki because of the impact it had on my life. I simply knew I needed to share it with others... to help people remember all that we are capable of. All that we are. ⁣⁣


Since embarking on the transformative journey in 2012 my life has been in constant & rapid evolution.


I believe being attuned to Reiki fast-tracked my spiritual journey to remembering who I am & why I am here. It did so very subtely, yet with a force like no other. ⁣⁣

I love the history of Reiki & believe the principles & teachings to be very important, for us all. I love they are all-inclusive; all are welcome. ⁣


Usui, the man who rediscovered the lost art of hands on healing, dedicated his life to this discovery, and then the rest of it to healing and sharing what he had learned with as many people as he could before he passed out of his body. His dying wish was for Reiki to spread around the world as he believed this lost wisdom could help to heal our World. It makes me so happy to know his wish has come / is coming true. Reiki is now so widely known, in comparison to what it was even just a few years ago, and it is still growing exponentially! ⁣


It has found it's way from being "woo-woo mumbo jumbo" all the way to being welcomed into Western Medicine hospitals! 🙌🏼⁣

I am so proud to continue the sharing of this important work. "


Reiki is such a special gift to be attuned to, and here at ookushana we believe that students should learn Reiki in a safe and sacred space, surrounded by like-minded people.


At ookushana, we support students closely throughout the process of "becoming a healer" - or better still, remembering you are a healer.


Students are encouraged to take adequate time to learn and grow between each stage of training - ensuring they become an accredited Reiki Healer, with infinite ongoing support."

Why choose ookushana?


- Hands-on learning

- Face-to-face and individual attunements

- Development at an achievable pace

- We encourage the development of your own unique gifts and style

- Pure and traceable lineage to Dr Usui

- Our courses follow the syllabus' as set by the Reiki Federation & guidelines set by the Reiki Council

- We offer an more personalised approach to learning, providing you with the tools to process and integrate new knowledge into your life

- We offer life-long support from Master/Teacher, Felicity, and our growing network

- You receive £5 off all future treatments with Felicity