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Sovereign Being


A Women's Online Tantra Journey

With Roisin Kiernan

Sovereign Being: A Women’s Tantra Journey

With Roisin Kiernan

Sunday 3rd May -- Sunday 14th June

It is time for HER to rise – the feminine. With the masculine supporting.We have been living in a Patriarchal system that clearly does not serve any life on Earth.Balance is needed. And this is my activism in supporting us all to, Be The Change.



>>>>> HOW <<<<

- By bringing your inner masculine and feminine into sacred union

- By ‘letting life make love through you’ every single day

- By bringing presence to yourself and then honouring and moving from your truth, encouraging others to do the same

- By acknowledging and loving the ancestral stories in your womb that are crying to be heard and healed

- By acknowledging and loving the man within you; healing your connection with the masculine and gifting you the opportunity to acknowledge and love the feminine within men

- By being equal within yourself and then moving through and interacting with the world from this embodied way of living equality



Will You join me to Be The Change though this Sovereign Being, Women’s journey?

>>>>> OUR STRUCTURE <<<<<

Over six weeks, we will dive into a delicious pool of self-discovery, with rituals you can explore from the comfort and privacy of your own home, within a support system of other women taking a similar journey.

Our container will be a Private Facebook Group.

Every Monday morning, I will post a carefully selected Kundalini Yoga class to accompany the key Temple Arts Ritual for that week’s exploration.

We will then meet live via Zoom every Sunday evening. This will be recorded and posted too. The details for Zoom will be posted in our Facebook Group, which you’ll be invited to join as soon as your booking is confirmed.

You therefore get a full week to explore each topic in private before we meet and share. I will be encouraging a daily practise too, as well as diary-like entries in the group. I’m sure to be adding extras too.



Sunday 3rd May -- Sunday 14th June

Sunday 3rd May, 6.30 – 8pm GMT Opening Circle – Potent Beltane Celebration (Celtic Fire Festival of Sacred Union)

Week 1 – Meet Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

Week 2 – Honouring The Patterns – Ancestral Healing Through The Womb

Week 3 – Presence – Light Masculine Integration (including the allocation of accountability buddies)

Week 4 – Boundaries and Desires – Dark Masculine Integration (including the Wheel of Consent)

Week 5 – Chord Cutting From The Womb – Dark Feminine Integration

Week 6 – Riding The Dragon (!) – Alchemising Pain into Pleasure through Sacred Union

Closing Circle – Inner Marriage Ceremony within reach of the Potent Solstice Portal

Sunday 14th June, 6.30 – 8pm GMT


>>>>> THE PROCESS <<<<<

A huge part of these practises is learning about consent and boundaries, and so exploring your visibility and engagement during our time together, especially during our live sessions is encouraged. For many – myself included – being seen in our vulnerable truth is a massive journey to unravel, often associated with fear, shame, and guilt. This is a space for you to explore what’s arising and where it comes from, with a safe space to be heard in that truth; to be loved and nurtured back to whole-ness. As part of that I will always encourage you to share your truth – even if that means saying, ‘I don’t want to fucking share!!’ and then ‘I feel guilty about not sharing’!!...

All of you is welcome, within reason (I will add some guidelines to our group page and will go through these – getting your live and witnessed consent – during our opening circle). I trust that your Inner Masculine will support you to Step Up and show your beautiful self in all her magnificent colours.



£200 for a full lifetime’s access

Discounts and payment-plans are available - please email to enquire

(also full payment can be direct avoiding Eventbrite Fees)


>>>>> WHAT YOU’LL NEED <<<<<

- An internet connection

- A Facebook account

- A private space for you to explore yourself.


>>>>> FINAL CALL <<<<<

Will you stand up, sovereign within yourself, and Be The Change you wish to see?

Many of us women have become masculine (over-doing, striving, burning ourselves out) in pursuit of external success or happiness. It doesn’t work. It divides us further – within and between each other. The menstrual, fertility, emotional and mental difficulties faced by so many around the world could, I believe, be massively reduced by connecting with the womb; with the body (the feminine). By harnessing our masculine; to bring presence and safety to our feminine, we can drop deeper into a space of feeling – acknowledging, loving, and releasing old wounds. Allowing the pain that so desperately wants to be heard allows us to free ourselves, our ancestral lineages (past, present, and future), and support the evolution of the Earth. For we are not separate. Too much mental (masculine) stimulation has left us disconnected. It is time to reconnect. To bring balance. To Be The Change.


If you have any questions or would like to enquire about a payment plan, please contact us at

Sound Healing Training

With Mark Zigon


(Sonic Temple)

Online Training with 3 Day Immersion in Autumn (Dates TBC)

Sound Healing Training With Mark Zigon (Sonic Temple)

Levels 1 - 3

An Online Course with a 3-Day Immersion

Online: May - June

In Person:Autumn 2020 - Dates TBC (- due to Corona)


The training will begin with 6 Live/Virtual Classes - all of which will be recorded to watch in your own time, at your own pace.



What Will I learn?

There are 3 levels to this immersive training: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

The course is perhaps the most diverse available to a beginner, as it is all-encompassing, including many aspects of sound with an "integral" 360 degree approach.

There are a total of 48 topics covered within the training (listed below).

We will be covering all three major sound healing tools families:

Tuning Forks

Himalayan singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls


...And some other beautiful sound healing tools


3-Day Immersion

This will take place at ookushana Healing School in Autumn 2020 (Dates TBC)

During the 3-day immersion you will experience both "giving" and "receiving" to ensure a thorough understanding of the theory you have learned.

At end of each level you receive a colour printed handover and at the completion a sound healing practitioner certificate.




- What is Sound Healing?

- What is Sound?

- Sound sources

- The Human ear

- Sound in History

- Cultures of the World

- 1960 to now

- What is the Chakra?

- The Interpretation

- How to balance them?

- Sound Vs. Music

- Sound Therapy Effects

- Sound Tools (1)

- Mallets & Wands (1)

- Intensity Levels

- Practical Case(s) (1)



- Basic about notes & intervals

- Principle of harmonic sessions

- Sound therapy options

- Understanding the main issue

- Selection of proper tools

- Types of sessions

- Detox Session

- Balancing session

- Setting up the goal or intention

- Shamanism

- Cymatics

- Toning and over-toning

- Sound tools (2)

- Mallets & Wands (2)

- Supportive stuff and gadgets

- Practical Case/s (2)



- Sound meditation setup

- Types of sound meditation

- Structure and execution

- Grounding Vs. Uplifting

- Singing bowl massage

- Brain waves

- Head Defogging

- 432 Vs. 440 Hz

- Applying proper vision

- Space cleansing

- Basics of acoustics

- Lighting and hydrating

- Aroma and AC

- Sound Tools (3)

- Practical Case7s (3)

- Conclusion


What does this course cost?


The course costs £550 in total for all 3 levels, including both online virtual classes and 3-day immersion.

Payment Plans welcome.


You may pay the £225 deposit here via Eventbrite, or to pay direct, please email

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about a payment plan, please contact us at

Yin & Yang

CPD Course

With Teresa Syed

A 2-Day Training Course August 2020

Yin Yang: A 2-day CPD Training Weekend with Teresa Syed


..All beings support yin and embrace yang

and the interplay of these two forces

fills the universe

Yet only at the still point,

between the breathing in and the breathing out

can one capture the two in perfect harmony ....'

Yin-Yang* energies are rhythmically innate within and without. We are an integral part of the natural world and when we align with this praanic (qi) flow then we are vibrant healthy beings able to manifest our gifts and live out our life path. When we move away from this then our lives become imbalanced and peace of body-mind eludes us.

Yin-Yang theory underpins Eastern philosophy and is embedded in the healing arts, yogic, tai qi and qi-gong practices to name but a few.

What does yin-yang mean to you? How far are you fully attuned to these energies in your daily life? your spiritual practice? and for those of in holistic health in the treatments you give? When planning yoga and meditation classes how connected are you with the wax and wane of yin~yang and incorporating that into the space you hold?

This 2 day workshop delves into an understanding the yin and yang model to enrich your world view. It incorporates movement and meditation to illustrate this perpetual flow of energy through us and how we can more consciously bring it into our daily lives, yogic practice or for our healing. For holistic practitioners, whatever your approach - it will further inform your understanding of dis-ease and your healing strategies.

Everyone is welcome - you don't have to be a yoga teacher or holistic health practitioner to enjoy this event. If you are interested in eastern philosophy and living your life as a healthy vibrant being in rhythm with nature then this event is for you too<3

* Yin/Yang - a concept through which the ancient Chinese perceived everything in and around us as comprising of these two interdependent qualities. This model is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a way to understand ill health and disease on a physical, mental emotional and psychological level and in order to restore the body's equilibrium to good health.

Teresa Syed is a traditional acupuncturist, mentor-supervisor and kundalini yoga instructor. She taught for six years as Lecturer and Cinical Supervisor on the BSc Acupuncture degree course at one of Leeds leading universities. Following on from that she ran CPD courses for health practitioners using needling techniques.

Teresa is passionate about incorporating ancient healing practices into the context of 21st century living - to heal and elevate others


If you have any questions or wish to book directly, please don't hesitate to get in touch! We can be contacted

via email (

Creating Ceremony & Ritual


A 3-Day Training

With Felicity Weston

September 18-20 (Fully Booked)

October (Please Enquire)

Creating Ceremony & Ritual: An Experiential Training


With Felicity Weston (ookushana)


"Ritual is a visible act performed with invisible intent"

"LIFE is the ceremony. How we live is the ritual"

I have been lovingly asked by spirit to create this new offering. An experiential training course to create ceremony & ritual.

It is fair to say our culture has become largely disconnected.

There is disconnection from the world around us, the land – Mother Earth. The Earth is screaming to get our attention… yet we seem to have forgotten the language she speaks.

There is also a lack of true connection between people. We have become less able to give and receive, from a place of authenticity.

There is lack of connection to ourselves, and our souls. An uncertainty of who we really are, and why we are here.

And there is lack of connection to spirit. That which is our very essence, and offers the connection to where we are from, as well as guidance to our lives here on Earth.

Living in disconnect leaves us feeling lost, alone and yearning for HOME. A place we feel we truly belong.

Our society has too become largely individualistic. I, me, my… And this is a huge part of the problem. We have lost sense of community.Thus, we have lost sense of true connection.

We, humans, have created ceremony and ritual since the beginning of time. The need for both lives within our DNA! We have simply lost our way as a collective, away from the things that truly feed us, and our connection.

It is for this reason, and many others that I wish to share this offering. To help people (re)create connection through ritual and ceremony. For the past few years I have been in deep remembering. I am still remembering!

For me, creating and experiencing ritual and ceremony has gifted what was missing from my life. And I wish to help guide others to do the same.

What Should I Expect?

This course is a beautiful mix of ceremony, exploration, discussion, experience, taught learning, and personal inquiry. We will be learning traditions, the many ways of others’, while most importantly connecting to our own unique gifts and creative expression. You will experience various rituals and ceremonies during this training course, thus it will be also be deeply healing & activating.


What will I learn?

Creating Sacred Space

Connecting to Spirit

Clearing & Protection

Blessings & Vows

Connecting to & working with the Land

Working with the elements

Altar Creation

Working with The Four Directions

Working with The Cycles of The Moon

Healing The Earth

Daily Rituals

Sacred Tools & Plants

Guiding Meditation & Journeying


Sacred Sound & Music

Objects & Symbology

Igniting Unique Creative Expression

Working with The Earths Cycles of Celebration

Creating A Sacred Fire

• Including Special Guest Teacher *


Who is the Guide?

The course is led by Felicity Weston:

International Light Worker

Intuitive Energy Healer

Usui Reiki Master & Teacher

Shamanic Womb Healer

Ancestral Lineage Healer

Sacred Sound Healer

Light Language Channeller

Sacred Ritual Facilitator

Shamanic Yoga Teacher

Movement Medicine Guide

Felicity is a light-worker, whole-heartedly in service to spirit, and the greater good of humanity. She is an energy healer, that is, a conduit to channel pure light and love from Source. She trained in Usui Reiki to Master Teacher level, immersively yet slowly over 4 years, which had such a profound effect on her life - and so birthed ookushana Healing School, where she now seeks to help others connect to their own unique medicine. Felicity is also a Shamanic Yoga Teacher and Ritual Facilitator, working with movement, sacred sound, breathwork, elemental alchemy and plant medicines. Felicity specialises in Ancestral Healing - working with the carried energies beyond our lifetime, and the collective wounds within us all. She also specialises in Shamanic Womb Healing & works alongside her dear friend and fellow healer Josie to share Womb Awakening - an International offering - to help women connect more closely with their truth, their purpose, and their sweet innocence – the true recipe for happiness.Felicity is founder of ookushana, a Healing School – with a current base in West Yorkshire, England. ookushana is a word created using affinity numerology and ancient language, with the purposeful meaning “infinite inner grace”. Felicity’s mission is to help people find this inner grace, which we all seek and deserve. Her workshop welcomes many spiritual teachers and healers from around the world, who come to share their gifts with the community. Over the past 8 years, Felicity has helped clients, friends and family, overcome deep-rooted trauma, behaviours and ailments - her approach most different from any western medicine, allowing for a more subjective, personal relationship and healing with love. Her compassionate and nurturing nature allows Felicity to hold space with love and without judgement for those who are brave enough to seek truth and look within.

Who is this course for?

- Therapists, healers and teachers looking to deepen their knowledge of working with spirit & ritual facilitation

- Anyone feeling called to bring ritual into their lives

- Those feeling called to share ceremonies or rituals with their friends, families & the public

- Those living in disconnect & looking to remember where they are from & why they are here

- Those seeking a deeper connection to the Earth and her cycles

- Those seeking a deeper connection to spirit


What is the Investment?


Payment Plans Welcome:

Deposit £144

This is a 3-day course:

Friday 18th September - Sunday 20th September 2020


What is included?

- A Working Manual

- Certification of attendance / completion

- Personal Ritual Gift

- Refreshments & Snacks each day

If you are interested in this course – please email Felicity at for an application form.

Reiki Training 


Levels 1-3

With Felicity Weston

Various Options & Dates for Group Training

1-2-1 Training also available

Please see link below for more details & email for booking

T: 07975557462 (Felicity)
    07817252079 (Lorna - Assistant Manager)
E: (Felicity) (Lorna)
The Workshop, 94b Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds 
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