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Medicine Woman

Are you ready to fully embody the Medicine Woman you came here to be, living in healing service to Mother Earth, devoted to a path that lights you up and receiving abundantly for it?


Are you ready to be initiated into the way of the Medicine Woman?

Are you drawn to create a deeper connection with Mother Earth and devote yourself to serving her? 

Do you have a soul calling to support our collective remembrance and the healing of humanity? 

Do you feel drawn to strengthening your connection with the Divine Feminine, and in turn support other women to heal theirs?

Do you want to develop and strengthen your connection with the ancient ancestors and support the healing of our collective lineages - by going to the true root of the wounds? 

And are you ready to receive abundantly for work that lights you up?

This is the work of Warrior Women. 

Women who know they are here to be and create change. 


We have more information on our dedicated website. Follow the link below to get more information and to sign up. 

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