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Training with Felicity : Services

Training with Felicity Weston

Upcoming Courses - Online & In Person

Felicity shares a combination of in-person & online courses & trainings, including:

Usui Reiki Level 1, Usui Reiki Level 2, Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Creating Ceremony and Ritual, Leaders Of Light & Medicine Woman.

Scroll down to find out more.


Usui Reiki Level 1

With Felicity Weston

What To Expect:

During this course you will be introduced to the world of energy healing through a combination of theory and practice, and receive your attunement to become a vessel for the energy.

ookushana training is relaxed and informal, with a combination of lecture, discussion and experience.


What does the course cover?

- Reiki and Energy

- The Chakras & Subtle Energy Body

- The History of Reiki

- The Reiki Principles

- The Attunements and the 21-day Clearing Process

- Your Reiki Lineage

- Creating your Sacred Space

- Self-Treatment

- Treating others

- Power Intensification for Level 1

- Energy Protection & clearing

- Looking forward... 

Energy Exchange:

£250 // 1 Day Training

Next Date:

Saturday 13th July



Usui Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

With Felicity Weston

What To Expect:

We will explore in depth how each of us sense energy, both as a healer and receiver.

Much of the first part of the day is feeling into how our lives and selves have changed since Level 1 - before learning 3 of the 4 Symbols.

We will also feel deeply into our own unique gifts and use the Level 2 attunement as an activation for these, as it is primarily focused on the further opening the third eye chakra, and thus our own inner wisdom.

All courses with me come with lifelong support & of course many nuggets of wisdom from the other healing practices I am blessed to have been activated with / initiated into!


Oku Den (Level 2) is "a further exploration of the self" --- and so it is!



What does the course cover?

- Second Degree Attunement: Activating the Third Eye Chakra

- Exploring the ways we sense and receive energy

- Exploring our unique gifts

- The sacred symbols

- Absent / Distant Healing

- Crystals and Reiki Symbols

- Protection & Cleansing

- Practitioner Level - Looking forward: completing the case studies & CPD

Energy Exchange:


Next Date: 



Usui Reiki Master Training

With Felicity Weston

ceremony 3.jpg

What To Expect:

- Revisiting Reiki From Where You Are

- Becoming A Master

- The Master Symbol

- The Master Attunement

- Channelling

- Accessing Your Higher Self & Unique Soul Essence

- Hui Yin & Breathwork

- Daily Practices

- CPD & looking foward




- Reiki Level 1 & 2 (At least 12 months since you began your training)

- Dedicated practitioner - Practicing Reiki regularly (for self and others)

Please reach out before booking to ensure you meet the requirements.

Energy Exchange:


Next Date: 


Creating Ceremony & Ritual

An Experiential Training with Felicity

"Ritual is a visible act performed with invisible intent"

"LIFE is the ceremony. How we live is the ritual"


This is a 2-day certified experiential training course to create ceremony & ritual, and hold space

Includes 80+ page manual & written coursework.


What Should I Expect?

This course is a beautiful mix of ceremony, exploration, discussion, experience, taught learning, and personal inquiry.

We will be learning traditions and the many ways of others’, while most importantly connecting to our own unique gifts and creative expression.

You will experience various rituals and ceremonies during this training course, thus it will be also be deeply healing & activating.


What will I learn?

- Creating Sacred Space

- Connecting to Spirit

- Clearing & Protection

- Blessings & Vows

- Connecting to & working with the Land

- Working with the elements

- Altar Creation

- Working with The Four Directions

- Working with The Cycles of The Moon

- Daily Rituals

- Sacred Tools & Plants

- Guiding Meditation & Journeying

- Divination

- Sacred Sound & Music

- Objects & Symbology

- Igniting Unique Creative Expression

- Working with The Earths Cycles of Celebration

Head to the link below, for full details.

Energy Exchange:


3 Month Payment Plan Available

Next Date:


felicity weston light worker.JPG

Leaders Of Light

Lightworker Leadership Programme

This is a 3-month container for Lightworkers ready to uplevel & serve from the highest expression of their soul medicine & with greater impact.



Medicine Woman

3-Levelled Teacher Training

This is am immersive initiation journey to become the medicine woman your soul remembers - the medicine woman you are here to be,.


This journey will lead you to become a guide for other women on their journey to becoming.

Connection Calls with Felicity have already started. Book yours now and see if you are ready to join the lineage of Medicine Women. We Begin 2024.

As an ever-growing community of healers, teachers and practitioners here at ookushana, we are constantly updating and offering new trainings and courses. So be sure to check back often. Or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

We also run a membership package for learning and enhancing your personal development and healing capabilities.

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Our monthly subscription package for you to devote to your personal development and healing at your own pace, while part of an expansive community.

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