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1-2-1 Lightworker Mentorship

This is an Online Journey with Felicity Weston Medicine, founder of ookushana School Of Healing - with a minimum of 6 weeks working together. 

Felicity's vision for this 1-2-1 offering is to support Lightworkers to uplevel to their fullest potential and highest timeline - and so the journey is very much "bespoke" to your needs.

You may be struggling to move through fears and doubts around your gifts and service, or in stepping away from your "old life" to fully devote to your mission, OR you may be ready to rise to the next stage of your journey, whether in your gifts or your business, or a combination of both. 

Through a combination of guidance, coaching and healing we will move through the wounds, trauma and binds so you may step into your full light. 

Together, we will gain clarity on what is holding you back from your light work, become clear on your mission, and create a plan for your to serve from an aligned and authentic space.

What To Expect

​* This is a bespoke journey and so completely honouring YOU, where you are in this now-moment, your "needs" and your soul desires

 * We will be primarily handing the reigns over to Spirit to serve you with exactly what is needed, and meant for you


> You will be held in safe & sacred space​

> You will be seen & heard​

>  You will find better understanding of your wounds & traumas & how they affect you and your life now

> You will receive direct messages and guidance from Spirit

> You will receive tools to integrate into your current rituals & life

> You will embrace all facets of your being with and from love

> You will Lovingly Excavate Your Shadow Self

> You will deepen your connection with Spirit

> You will become the gifted and confident Lightworker your soul knows you are

> You will create true sovereignty - body & soul

> You will become your own leader

> You will step fully into the frequency of abundance

> You will create the life of your dreams


Together, we will:

> Activate & Enhance your soul codes & gifts​​​

> Activate Light Language ​

> Activate Your Body Wisdom ​

> Journey Through Multi-Dimensional Healing, Ancestral Healing, Past Life Healing, Inner Child Healing 


* The focus of this intimate and deep journey is YOU & YOUR healing - but naturally, this will impact ALL areas of your life, from relationships to your gifts and purpose. ​​



> Deep Discovery Call: Creating The Vision & Setting The Intention

--- An opportunity for you to share your​ journey thus far, where you are now - and where you would like to be; and an opportunity for us to create a clear vision for our time together

> Weekly 1-2-1 Sessions 

--- Each week we will journey organically with what arises, seeking guidance from Spirit

--- Expect healings, activations, light language, & excavations ​​​

> Regular Channelled Guidance From Spirit 

--- both through me, and through you (as you amplify your channel and learn to trust what moves through you)


> Daily Rituals for your journey

--- including some pre-recorded journeys and activations


> Continuous Support (Via Telegram Chat)

--- I'm here for you!

> Free access to DEVOTION ANNUAL MEMBERSHP (includes 4+ ceremonies a month)


> Access to Medicine Woman at 25% OFF

> Journaling & Activation Homework

--- to support your journey

> Opportunities to connect & co-create with other Lightworkers

> My ongoing support in promoting YOU & Your Offerings​​

** All sessions will be recorded and available for you to download & keep forever

** Flexibility for weekly sessions (total 4/month) 

** Optional Breaks (within reason)

Optional Extra: In-person plant medicine ceremony (UK)




> You are ready to up-level in every area of your life​

> You are ready to fully devote to a life in service​

> You are ready to live your highest possible timeline​

> You are ready to collapse all timelines where you are bound in any way​

> You are ready to meet and integrate your shadow

> You are ready to live in greater harmony ​

> You are ready to support Planet Earth with your gifts ​

> You are ready to commit to your soul mission​

> You are ready to dream big​

> You are ready to invest your time, energy & money into YOU & your transformation 

> You are ready to become the creatrix and leader your soul knows you are

>>> You are ready to live the life of your dreams!​

There Are No Pre-requisites as such, just a heart and soul calling. 


This mentorship is aimed towards lightworkers, space holders, healers & teachers (if you already have a practice or you are in training), looking to invest in yourself and your life - to further activate known gifts, ignite and activate hidden gifts, heal the wounds that bind you from sharing yourself and your gifts wholly, and with pride and confidence.​​​


January 2023



6-Week Journey:


3-Month Journey


Payment Plan:

£1111 / Month (minimum of 3 months)​

Or Discounted To Pay In One:​

3 Months --- £3100 --- (instead of £3333)​

Please Note:

* No refunds or transfers​

Please email Felicity to apply and ensure this journey is right for you!







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