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Terms Of Sale For Services 


The following terms apply to your purchase of Services offered on this website, or any web page connected with ookushana LTD. 


Services, Fees & Payments

Through this website (and all connected sites) our events, retreats, trainings (and any other services or products) are offered for purchase. We share the fees here for our services (or within connected web pages).

All fees are due at the time of booking services, unless otherwise indicated here or via private communication. All services are subject to the terms of use. 


Service Descriptions

We try to ensure the descriptions for our services are thorough, accurate, and supportive for our clients and customers. However, there may be times when certain information on the website may be incorrect, incomplete, or unclear. 

Sometimes this may be due to browser issues, or differences in what information shows on different hardware and browsers. 

We apologise in advance for any errors that may occur that affect your booking. 

We reserve the right to correct errors (whether by changing information on our website or by informing you of the error) or to update service information at any time without notice. 

In the event of any lack of clarity for any of our services, it is your responsibility to ask before purchasing. You can do this by emailing



ookushana LTD, Felicity Weston & team reserve the right to change the prices and available services at any time, including availability. All online services are for sale globally and prices are quoted in GBP UK. 

There may be times when an error is made in the listed pricing. 

If this happens (whether the correct price is lower or higher than what is listed), we will either confirm the correct price with you or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation. 



Upon processing payments for our services, you authorise us (ookushana LTD) and any payment processor (Stripe, Paypal etc.) to charge your payment card for purchases you make. We accept the forms of payment stated on our website at checkout and charge your card when the order is processed. If there is an automatic payment plan in place, the card will be charged on or around the same day each week/month/year as the day of purchase (however, this may be impacted by your bank - please contact your bank for details). 

If there is a private payment plan in place, you agree to adhere to the plan you agreed to, whether by written or spoken word. 

The bank or financial service issuing your card and/or payments may control when to release the funds in the case of order cancellations or refund. 

We reserve the right to use the payment information you provide in connection with this payment to provide better service to you should you wish to use our services again in future and protect us from fraud or any other losses. 


All completion of payment transactions are contingent upon:

  1. Authorisation of the payment by your credit or debit card company

  2. Acceptance of your payment 

  3. You provide complete personal, account, transaction and any other information needed

Your payment may be cancelled only prior to your final submission of it to us. 


We may cancel your payment at any time by providing notice to you via your contact information.


We may cancel a payment or future payments for any reason, including the following:

  1. If we suspect fraudulent, improper, or illegal activity regarding payment

  2. If we detect your payments have excessive disputes or present a relatively high risk of losses 

  3. If there is a failure to cooperate in an investigation or provide additional information when requested

  4. If you attempt to use the services in breach of any signed contract, agreement, law or regulation - including, but not limited to, card network regulations. 




All sales are final. We do not accept refunds. Please ensure you are certain before pressing complete on any service booking. 

In the event of cancellation, 




In the event you are unhappy with any services provided by ookushana LTD & Team, please email

Any compensation is solely in our discretion. 


Personal Use Only

Services purchases through ookushana LTD, whether in-person or online, are for your personal use only. You agree to not sell or redistribute any services you purchase, unless agreed upon via written word by one of our team.  


No Harassment


By purchasing services from ookushana LTD you agree to treat all members of our business in a professional capacity at all times. Ookushana LTD & all Team members have the right to suspend and terminate services to you at any time without refund in the event that any party feels unsafe or uncomfortable in any way. 

Note: we have the right to change, remove or add any Terms at any time. 

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at: 

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