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Events & Workshops

From Sound Baths to Women's Circles & everything in between!

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Introduction to Reiki Workshop

With Eva

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Gong Bath Meditation 

With Boshka 

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Full Moon Ritual & Sound Bath

With Erin

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New Moon Ritual & Sound Bath

With Erin

Reiki Infused Sound Bath

With Eva & Boshka

ookushana LEEDS: Services
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ookushana Workshop

Our physical space - ookushana workshop -

is a healing & wellness studio in the heart of Chapel Allerton, in Leeds.


Regular offerings include Sound Baths, Moon Rituals, Women's Circles, Yoga & Movement, Breathwork, Reiki Shares, and Cacao Ceremonies.

We also share regular training courses in Usui Reiki, Creating Ceremony & Ritual

& Sound Therapy. 


We are a community of teachers, healers & facilitators sharing an array of holistic

healing modalities.


Our space serves as a place where souls with a desire to heal,

learn & expand their consciousness are drawn.​

For our Leeds-based community, we offer in-person healing therapies, as well as regular events, workshops and courses.

We have a wide range of healing modalities and specialised healers to choose from.

Our quirky workshop is situated in the heart of Chapel Allerton, and is home to a variety of holistic therapies, events, workshops, and classes - including Reiki, Sound, Breathwork, Yoga, and Ceremonial Circles.

ookushana Healing School also offers Reiki training from Level 1 to Master Teacher level, and Creating Ceremony & Ritual - both guided by Felicity Weston.

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ookushana LEEDS: Welcome

1-2-1 Healing Therapies

Reiki, Sound Baths, Astrology Readings, Rituals & Psychotherapeutic Counselling...

It’s incredible how many people say they’d like to get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle, but aren’t quite sure where to start. That’s where we come in. ookushana offers a variety of services and the positive reinforcement you need, so that you can concentrate on reaching all of your health and wellness goals. Take a look at some of the services we offer below, and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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1-2-1 Gong Bath Meditation

With Boshka

During each Sound Bath with Boshka, you will be guided through conscious breath-work meditation to fully arrive into the present moment, which will prepare you for a soothing and cosmic Gong Bath.


As well as experiencing the healing resonance of gong, you will also hear various instruments throughout the session, including Tibetan bowls, ocean drum, chimes, tuning forks and many more… Expect your senses to be nurtured with conscious breath, scent and sound. 

£55 / 70 Minutes

1-2-1 Psychotherapeutic Counselling 

With Julia Niemuth

Julia is an experienced and empathic Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of ways of working; her passion is to co-create a trusting relationship and to enable people to heal trauma.

The work is always centred around the needs of the individual but can include inner child work, releasing trauma stored in the body, creative expression (using art materials or drama therapy), focused relaxation for anxiety or more traditional talk therapy.

£50 / 60 Minutes

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1-2-1 Reiki & Aromatherapy 

With Julia

Julia works with Reiki energy and aromatherapy oils to offer deep relaxation, restoration and healing. Empathic and sensitive to the needs of each individual, Julia will create a session based around what you feel you need within that moment, whether you would like to share your intention, have space to feedback/ release at the end of the session, or if you would prefer to drift off into deep relaxation, you will be offered deep respect and nurture.

£60 / Hour

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Akashic Record Reading & Healing

With Sarah Davis

Sarah is an Akashic Records Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master who has a passion for helping souls to find their own divine blueprint and purpose. Helping others to understand themselves on a quantum level and uncover what could be holding them back in this life, from past lives or from their ancestry. By connecting with an individual's Akashic Records, she is able to tap into the individual's soul essence and receive guidance from the person's higher self.

£180 / 75 Minutes


Akashic Record Readings & Healing

With Grace Wilson

Grace is an intuitive channel and loves working behind the veil in the ethereal realms, connecting to spirit guides, plant magic and star medicine, all with a purpose to heal and realign to our own unique essence and expression, serving the whole by understanding and accepting ourselves and our place in the cosmos. 


Full Akashic Record Reading & Healing - £180 / 120 Minutes

Grace offers the Full Akashic Reading in two sessions:
Session 1: The healing (60 Min)
Session 2: Your soul (60 Min)

This is to allow for deeper integration time. Both sessions come with workbooks.

Akashic Record Ancestral Healing - £88 / 60 Minutes

Akashic Record Property/ Land Healing - £88 / 60 Minutes


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Quantum Healing

With Demi

This session blends Kundalini and Angelic reiki with light language transmissions, shamanic tools, akashic records and channelling. Demi is an intuitive channel who works multidimensionally to tap into your field and heal on a quantum level. She works with spirit receiving guidance and messages, healing at the root cause and removing blocks, cutting chords, karmic ties and attachments to past lives. It is a quantum cleanse and balancing of the etheric body, healing on a multidimensional level. 

£60 / 60 Minutes


Couples Gong Bath Meditation

With Boshka

During each Sound Bath with Boshka, you will be guided through conscious breath-work meditation to fully arrive into the present moment, which will prepare you for a soothing and cosmic Gong Bath.


As well as experiencing the healing resonance of gong, you will also hear various instruments throughout the session, including Tibetan bowls, ocean drum, chimes, tuning forks and many more… Expect your senses to be nurtured with conscious breath, scent and sound. 

£100 / 70 Minutes

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Conscious Connected Breathwork Session

With Ellie Hunzinger

Your breath is quite literally your life force and is the one process we do both consciously and unconsciously. When we decide to meet our breath consciously, we deepen our connection to ourselves and to our truth. It is quite literally our super power!


This session has the power to release trapped emotions and trauma that lay dormant in the body. These shifts will create space in the physical and energetic body offering a potent opportunity for self-discovery and for long-term transformation.

£80 / 90 Minutes

Spiritual Guidance Sessions

With Demi

This session is for anybody facing a spiritual awakening. On the spiritual path, we face an illumination of trauma, a crumbling of what is known and multiple ego deaths. It can feel debilitating to go through this without support, guidance and reassurance.


Demi blends psychology with energy work to create a healing container. The trauma-informed talking therapy creates awareness around the unconscious, and the energy work heals at the root cause, working on a multidimensional level with light language to heal, cleanse & clear the blockages.

£75 / 90 Minutes


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Human Design Reading
Bonus Embodiment Practice

With Ellie Hunzinger

Human Design is a system that shows you a map of your unique energetic blueprint, and how your energy consciously and unconsciously meets the world. By using Ra Uru Hu’s revolutionary system of self-discovery, alongside my studies in energy work and breathwork, this session is designed to help you harness your energy to unlock your unseen gifts and awaken the highest potential that already exists within you.

Your session will include:

+ An Introduction to Human Design

+ Your Aura Type

+ Your Personality Profile

+ Your Undefined and Defined Energy Centres - where are you being conditioned out of your unique genius?

+ Your Channels

+ Your Incarnation Cross (your life path and purpose)

+ You will also receive an email follow up with your recording, your blueprint and key points from your chart for easy reference

 + + + As a bonus, your session will be framed by a short meditation and conscious connection to the breath in order to anchor this learning into your body.

£120 / 120 Minutes

ookushana LEEDS: Services
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Root Cause Protocol Package + Sound

With Boshka


This package is perfect for anyone that wishes to dive in deeper and receive ongoing support. A great place to start for anyone that wishes to have a comprehensive support and detailed picture of how stress and mineral disregulation is playing out in the body. Healing journey is often not linear and can have several peaks and valleys. For this reason, many clients need continued support for 3, 6, or even 12 months after their first consultation. It can be very helpful to have someone keep you on track, make adjustments to your diet roadmap and supplementation over time, and to answer any questions you might have.


Whether you have chronic gut issues, fatigue, hormone imbalances, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, mineral imbalances, and more, this program will give us the opportunity to take an in-depth look at your health status. I offer HTMA testing (hair tissue mineral analysis), to gain a deeper understanding of the root cause of your symptoms.


The Root Cause Package will provide you with the education and support to empower your body’s natural power to heal and balance itself. Requires a 3 month minimum commitment.


Included in this package:


1. One 60 minute Health Coaching call to review your health history and primary concerns where you will receive preliminary recommendations.

2. Functional lab testing (HTMA) and review of the results.

3. Two 45 minute follow-ups to address any questions or requested changes to your lifestyle and nutrition plan.

4. A list of supplement recommendations and resources on where to find the highest quality supplements and nutrients in their most bioavailable forms.

5. A custom nutrition and wellness tips based on your lifestyle, goals, and budget.

6. A list of tips for stocking your kitchen with nutrient-dense ingredients, highlighting foods for you to focus on, foods to limit, and foods to avoid, plus meal plan ideas.

7. A comprehensive list of resources for you to explore breathing and meditation techniques.

8. A Root Cause protocol handbook with lots of easy to follow information.


Unlimited weekday email support between sessions.


SOUND: the addition of 3 in person Sound Baths or 3 online Yoga Nidra Sessions, to be attended over the course of time whilst we are working together.

Root Cause Protocol Package + Sound £250

Root Cause Protocol

With Boshka

As a Root Cause Protocol Consultant, Boshka’s focus is on aligning the physical, mental and emotional health which in turn positively impacts how we see ourselves and our capacity in the world. Boshka believes that we are all a particle expression of an energetic force (prana or Qi) of life within us, balance of which is sustained by minerals. Sadly the world we currently live in is highly depleted of its natural nutrients due to poor farming practices and pollution which affect the quality of our soils. Ideally all of our Vitamins and Minerals would come from the foods we eat and water we drink, however optimal absorption of these is getting progressively more tricky. Supplementation is often essential but it has to be done right, which means that having an expert guidance in a proven protocol is essential. Increasing bio-available copper, balancing electrolytes and restoring adrenal function are at the basis of healing any acute or chronic conditions. While working with a Root Cause Protocol Consultant like Boshka, the aim is to spark the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Single Consult £50 (45-60min)

Root Cause Protocol Package £200

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1-2-1 Womb Healing Ceremony

With Demi

A bespoke 1:1 Womb Healing with Demi.

An intuitive ceremony for healing imbalances of the womb. An embodied journey for reclaiming feminine power, sensuality, creativity and intuition. A thriving womb is our birthright as women and this offering is here to restore our innate creative essence.

A journey weaving breathwork, light language, quantum healing, shamanic journeying, plant medicine, akashic records, oracle cards and sound healing. Demi will guide you through a ceremony to receive the wisdom of your womb, heal any imbalances, ancestral bonds and karmic ties. She will weave light language into your womb, releasing trauma and bringing energetic harmony. As an intuitive channel Demi will receive messages throughout the session from your guides regarding your womb, past life and ancestral karma.

£85 / 90 Minutes

£95 / 90 Minutes *with optional Cacao & Rose


Our Courses & Trainings

What's Coming Up...

ookushana LEEDS: Services
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Usui Reiki Level 1

1 Day Training @ ookushana workshop

Sunday 25th June 2023 || 10:00am - 7:00pm

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Usui Reiki Level 2 (Practitioner Training)

1 Day Training @ ookushana workshop

Saturday 16th September 2023 || 9:30am - 7:30pm


Creating Ceremony & Ritual

2 Day Training Course @ ookushana Healing School

TBC - 2023 - Please email to be added to waitlist

Image by Kitera Dent

Sound Therapy Training

Sound Therapy Training


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Feminine Alchemy Immersion 

7-Month Immersion Journeying With The Feminine Archetypes - with The Shamanic Heart Sisters

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