For our Leeds-based community, we offer in-person healing therapies, as well as regular events, workshops and courses.

We have awide range of healing modalities and specialised healers to choose from.

Our quirky workshop is situated in the heart of Chapel Allerton, and is home to a variety of holistic therapies, events, workshops, and classes - including Reiki, Sound, Breathwork, Yoga, and Ceremonial Circles.

ookushana Healing School also offers Reiki training from Level 1 to Master Teacher level, and Creating Ceremony & Ritual - both guided by Felicity Weston.


Events & Workshops

From Sound Baths to Women's Circles & everything in between!

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Reiki-Infused Sound Bath

With Eva & Boshka

Spiritual Book Club

With Eva & Amy

Gong Bath Meditation 

With Boshka 

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The Art & Soul Of Ceremony

With Becky & Eva

New Moon Group Energy Healing

With Holly

New Moon Women's Circle 

With Eva & Kim

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Reiki Share For Healers

With Eva

I Am Abundant Workshop

With Amy

Pranayama & Yoga Nidra

With Boshka

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Full Moon Ritual & Sound Bath

With Erin

Introduction To Reiki

With Eva

Litha Ceremony

With The Kin Coven

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Drumming Circle

With Eva & Boshka

New Moon Ritual Sound Bath

With Erin

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath

With Boshka & Holly


1-2-1 Healing Therapies

Reiki, Sound Baths, Rituals & Psychotherapeutic Counselling...

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1-2-1 Reiki Healing 

With Eva

Eva is an intuitive healer who, alongside using Reiki, uses select sound and vibrational tools to help align your physical body, your energy body, and your mind.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge and a passion for encouraging everyone to find their own internal power and inner healing ability, Eva’s nurturing presence is a welcome breath of fresh air. 

£60 / Hour

1-2-1 Psychotherapeutic Counselling 

With Julia Niemuth

Julia is an experienced and empathic Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of ways of working; her passion is to co-create a trusting relationship and to enable people to heal trauma.

The work is always centred around the needs of the individual but can include inner child work, releasing trauma stored in the body, creative expression (using art materials or drama therapy), focused relaxation for anxiety or more traditional talk therapy.

£50 / 60 minutes

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1-2-1 Sound Therapy

With Erin

Personal Sound Bath with Crystal Bowls & Medicine Bowls

Sessions are tailored to your needs at the time, whether it be a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual ailment or simply for a safe space to be nourished, revitalised, and reconnected to yourself.

Focuses include Energy Flow, Spine Tonification, Pain Relief, Body Balancing, Chakra Alignment, Detoxification, Immune Strengthening, Relaxation, and more.

£77 / 75 Minutes

Reiki Healing 

With Holly 

Holly is a warm, kind and supportive energy healer offering 1-2-1 Reiki treatments at Ookushana to help you to relax, reconnect and invite your mind, body and spirit back into a state of harmony.

Reiki healing with Holly is for anyone fighting the stress and worry of modern day pressures, feeling lost, fearful, anxious, stuck in a rut or wanting to make a big change in their life. Reiki is a gentle and supportive treatment which helps to heal the body naturally.

£60 / 1 hour

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1-2-1 Gong Bath & Conscious Breath

With Boshka

During each Sound Bath with Boshka, you will be guided through conscious breath-work meditation to fully arrive into the present moment, which will prepare you for a soothing and cosmic Gong Bath.

As well as experiencing the healing resonance of gong, you will also hear various instruments throughout the session, including Tibetan bowls, ocean drum, chimes, tuning forks and many more… Expect your senses to be nurtured with conscious breath, scent and sound. 

70 minutes // £55 

Couples sessions are also available

Bespoke Ritual & Ceremony 

With Eva

Every day, we allow life events to pass us by without celebrating them from a heartfelt place. Eva is passionate about bringing ceremony back to the heart and encouraging people to create spectacular experiences. 

Mother’s blessings, divorce ceremonies, menarche, welcoming menopause or marking the moment to start trying for a family, there are many beautiful ways to mark significant moments in life and share meaningful experiences with those you love. Includes ritual, healing, sound journeys and more. 

£130 / 120 Minutes

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 1-2-1 Chakra Healing

With Holly 

Chakra healing with Holly is a supportive and nurturing treatment at ookushana, which helps to bring the 7 major chakras into alignment.
Chakra healing is a combination of energy work, scent and sound to help clear blocked chakras and improve the energy flow in the body. Chakra healing is for anyone feeling anxious, stressed or unwell. It will help to restore your balance and sense of wellbeing.

£60 / 1 hour

1-2-1 Reiki & Aromatherapy 

With Julia

Julia works with Reiki energy and aromatherapy oils to offer deep relaxation, restoration and healing. Empathic and sensitive to the needs of each individual, Julia will create a session based around what you feel you need within that moment, whether you would like to share your intention, have space to feedback/ release at the end of the session, or if you would prefer to drift off into deep relaxation, you will be offered deep respect and nurture.

£60 / hour


Our Courses & Trainings

What's Coming Up...

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Usui Reiki Level 1

With Felicity Weston

1 Day Training @ ookushana workshop

Friday 22nd April || 9:30am - 7:30pm

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Usui Reiki Level 2

With Felicity Weston

1 Day Training @ ookushana workshop

Sunday 24th April | 9:30am - 7:30pm


Creating Ceremony & Ritual

An Experiential Training with Felicity

2 Day Training Course

Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th May 

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Sound Therapy Training

With Marko Zigon

A 3-Day Training Course with International Sound Therapist & Teacher Marko Zigon