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ookushana ONLINE

Ceremonies, Courses & Trainings - with Felicity & The ookushana Tribe

We have regular live offerings via Zoom, as well as some on demand ceremonies to purchase
& journey in your own time!

ookushana ONLINE: Welcome

Felicity, our founder, offers deep and immersive courses and trainings for healers and lightworkers in their remembering, as well as healing journeys to support our international community on their journey. 

We also have guest healers & teachers sharing their medicine with our online community. 

Head to our EventBrite site below, or scroll down to find out more...


Leaders of Light

A 3-month container for Lightworkers ready to uplevel & serve from the highest expression of their soul medicine & with greater impact. 

Begins March 2023

Please email to be added to the waitlist.

Application Only

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Medicine Woman 2024


A 12-Month Initiation Journey to become a practitioner  - primarily online, with 1 in-person residential. 

Wisdom Workshops

Join Felicity and Alice for their  Wisdom Workshop Series! We discuss and heal through topics which feel relevant in the collective at this time.

A Self-paced journey 


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Abundance Alchemy

An Online Journey To Heal Money Wounds & Scarcity Consciousness & Live In The Frequency Of Abundance

A Self-paced Online Journey 


1-2-1 Lightworker Mentorship

Join Felicity for a 3-, 6- or 12-month journey to support you through the binds that prevent you from living in your full power and confidence as a lightworker.


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Jo Little (Creative Cleansing) shares a live seminar, discussing her feminine cleansing philosophy - one that steers away from the masculine, regimented approach that we see today in the wellness world and instead brings in a new, compassionate perspective on the practice.

With Jo's guidance and support, your intuitive cleanse becomes an intentional self-care ritual, in which you become present with yourself, listening to your body and its' deeper needs, and setting aside time to hear the subtle cues of your spirit.

Through this practice, you will learn how to listen to your inner knowing, receive wisdom from your gut-brain and understand how to nourish yourself better moving forward.

You receive:

~ A seminar with Jo Little

~ PDF to follow your cleanse day

~ A video talking you through your cleanse

~ A video sharing a Qi Gong practice

You can come back to this practice as many times as you like! 

ookushana ONLINE: Services

The intention of this workshop is to introduce the topic of ancestral healing & ancestor medicine.

We will explore why it is important, the benefits of the work and various ways to journey with the ancestral healing.

This workshop will be particularly supportive for anyone called to Felicity’s year-long training “Medicine Woman” - and wanting to know a little more about the work involved in becoming a facilitator for Ancestral Healing.

What To Expect:

- Grounding Meditation

- Tuning Into The Topic

- Who Are The Ancestors

- Different Ways To Work With The Ancestors & Healing Rituals

- Why Ancestral Healing Is Important & The Benefits

- Learning How The Ancestors Communicate

- Moving Through Any Fear Or Resistance

- Q&A

Sunday 8th October || 10am


* online via Zoom (it will be recorded if you cannot make the live - please book as normal!)

Energy Exchange:


* Free for Deeper Devotion Members

IMG_0152 (1).jpg

Join us in ceremony to breathe through and break somatic attachment to ancestral wounding and patterns.

The circular breath pattern we will use, in its nature, has no beginning middle and end.

It is connected.

Just like our attachments to our ancestors and future line, our experience is cyclical, where past, present and future play out at once. Where multiple timelines of experience can exist and play out at the same time.

In this session, we will use meditation, the breath and somatic practices to breathe into our experience of a particular ancestral pattern or block that you are wanting to work through. Although we will be in session in community, this will be an individualised approach to allow you to work with your pattern/block/wounding of choice.

Come with an idea of what it is that you are wanting to move through and allow your body and your breath to do the rest.

This breathwork can:

- help to bring regulation to an out of balance nervous system

- allow the release of frozen emotions and trauma from the body

- promote easier assimilation of a full spectrum of emotions

- can offer significant relief from stress and anxiety

- allow for big shifts in personal growth

Wednesday 18th October || 7pm


* online via Zoom (it will be recorded if you cannot make the live - please book as normal!)

Energy Exchange:


£15 for Devotion Members

* Free for Deeper Devotion Members

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