Our Tribe

Meet our beautiful and ever-growing tribe...

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Felicity Weston 

Founder of ookushana

Felicity is a Lightworker,

Medicine Woman & Spiritual Teacher, with a decade of experience

Felicity currently offers:

1-2-1 Lightworker Mentoring (ONLINE)

Sacred Healing Ceremonies (ONLINE)

& various in person & online trainings & ceremonies

Joe Aston

Men's Life Coach 

Joe currently offers:
1-2-1 Men's Coaching (ONLINE)
Men's Medicine Hike (Yorkshire & Dorset)

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Eva Lake

Reiki Master & Ritual Facilitator

Eva currently offers:

1-2-1 Reiki Healing

1-2-1 Bespoke Ritual & Ceremony

Drumming Circle

Spiritual Book Club

Art Therapy Workshop

Reiki Share & Introduction To Reiki

at ookushana workshop in Leeds

Laura Duke

The Astro Seer - Intuitive Astrologer

Laura currently offers:

Intuitive Astrology Readings


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Erin Foster

Sound Therapist & Shamanic Practitioner

Erin currently offers:

New Moon Ritual & Sound Bath

Full Moon Ritual & Sound Bath

Day Retreats

at ookushana workshop in Leeds

Julia Niemuth

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Julia currently offers:

1-2-1 Psychotherapeutic counselling

1-2-1 Reiki & Aromatherapy

at ookushana workshop in Leeds

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Boshka Grygoriew-Alvy

Yoga Sound Meditation Practitioner

Boshka currently offers:

1-2-1 Gong Bath & Conscious Breath Meditation
Couples Sound Bath

Group Gong Bath Meditation

Pranayama & Yoga Nidra

at ookushana workshop

Vanja Mihajlovic

Virtual Assistant

Vanja is our support behind the scenes! Keeping things structured so we can flow... 

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Amelia Radford

Yoga Teacher & Content Creator

Amelia shares yoga immersions pop-ups, as well as supporting us with our content creation for socials!


Reiki Practitioner & Kundalini Energy Healer

Demi-Louise currently offers:

Intuitive Reiki and Light Language

at ookushana workshop in Leeds

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Sarah Davis

Akashic Records Reader

Sarah currently offers:

Akashic Record Reading & Healing


Ellie Hunzinger

Breathwork Facilitator

Ellie currently offers:

Conscious Connected Breathwork Sessions

at ookushana workshop in Leeds

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Grace Wilson

Intuitive Channel & Akashic Records Reader

Grace currently offers:

Full Akashic Record Reading & Healing

Akashic Record Ancestral Healing

Akashic Record Property Clearing