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Emotional health allows you to work productively and cope with the stresses of everyday life.


Tapping is an effective and practical tool that will help you to navigate and manage big emotions when you feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed out.

Our intention for this workshop is to share with you this incredible self-healing tool to support you whenever you need.

Our focus will be nervous system regulation, which is at the centre of our holistic health & well-being.


What To Expect:

In this EFT Tapping Workshop we will be working on regulating the nervous system by calming down some of the stress and anxiety we might be experiencing.

During the tapping, you are calming the brain’s fear centre, and significantly lowering the stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline.

Tapping calms the brain and the nervous system letting it know that it's safe to relax.

It's a gentle and perfect way to regulate your emotions.

After EFT tapping you will feel calmer, more relaxed, softer and balanced.

You'll be glad that you've joined!

It’s never been more important to be able to Regulate our Emotions and be in control how we respond to challenging situations. 

When To Use EFT:

When we are stressed, anxious, or feel like we're at the point of burnout, our focus of attention gets stuck on how we feel – the emotion. This causes the emotion to get blocked.

Perhaps you have experienced a blocked or stuck emotion when you can’t move on from something, and you struggle to let go of how you feel and feel a stuckness in your energy flow.

EFT works incredibly quickly in neutralising these feelings...


Benefits Of EFT:

- It is super fast / very effective

- It calms the nervous system

- It creates a safe feeling in the body

- It takes the body out of flight or fight

- It stimulates the Vagus nerve

- It lowers the stress hormone cortisol

- It decreases anxiety and stress

- It changes the brain’s neural pathways

- It helps to heal trauma

- It softens big and heavy emotions and releases them

- It releases subconscious blockages

- It supports the production of happy hormones

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About Your Guide:


 I worked for a big Corporate company for nearly 11 years. I started as a Team Oragniser and then later on I progressed to a Health & Wellbeing Specialist role. In 2017 along side of my 9-5 job I developed a huge passion for coaching people on how to navigate through emotions. I studied and got my qualifications in NLP, EFT Tapping, Breathwork and a few other certifications. My mission is to support you and guide you through NLP tools & techniques and different Holistic modalities to process big emotions, regulate the nervous and soften the edges so that you can truly feel liberated. I am a Licensed, fully insured NLP Master Practitioner.



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