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DEVOTION is an accessible and inclusive online membership, open to all genders, faiths, and experience levels - from absolute beginners to seasoned healers - for you to devote to your healing and personal development journey & become part of a supportive community - throughout 2023, and beyond!

Whether it’s due to time, money, energy or the natural resistance to the discomfort of growth - we often stray from the path that serves us most. 

DEVOTION is a membership platform and community space to support you through resistance, and into the devotion that will ignite self-empowerment, for your highest potential. 

Through guided tools, live ceremonies and supportive workshops we will nurture and inspire your journey of healing and growth.

DEVOTION is a combination of pre-recorded sessions, downloadable workbooks, and live ceremonies.


Your guides are Felicity Weston (Founder of ookushana School Of Healing) & Joe Aston (A Tribe Called Being) the masculine branch of ookushana! Together, we have created a journey to combine our areas of expertise, which we trust can bring you into divine union, and in alignment with your highest self.

Devote To Your Healing. 

Devote To Your Growth.

Devote To Your Self.

Want to know more?

We have a dedicated website with more detailed information and different subscription packages available. Follow the link to find out more -

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