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Feminine Alchemy Immersion 

A 7-Month Course

Journeying With The Feminine Archetypes - Guided by The Shamanic Heart Sisters

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Feminine Alchemy Immersion: Service

Feminine Alchemy Course - with The Shamanic Heart Sisters

Saturday 5th November 2022 - Saturday 6th May 2023

The in-person ceremonies will be held on the first Saturday of each month || 10:30am - 4:30pm


Taking Feminine Alchemy to a whole new level!

Do you feel stuck and disconnected from yourself? Maybe you're struggling with overwhelm or exhaustion. Or perhaps you feel like something is missing from your life, like you’ve lost your sense of identity and purpose?

Sadly the Feminine energies within western society and many other cultures have been suppressed. Women have forgotten their own cyclical nature and the deep wisdom they hold within themselves. On a deeper level, many of us feel this potent energy within us wanting to rise. There has never been a better time to step fully into your own power and to reconnect with your roots to Mother Earth.

This journey will feel like coming home to yourself. A chance for you to remember your own feminine essence and magic. As you journey through each of the archetypes, you will see the parts of yourself that have been neglected or suppressed. You will learn to reintegrate these back into your life and learn how to embody them moving forward.

If you are ready to reclaim your own magic, then this course is for you!


The Feminine Alchemy journey includes:

- An in-person ceremony for each of the archetypes will be held the first weekend of each month - at ookushana workshop in Leeds.

- The following 3-weeks of the month will be an opportunity for a more personal journey to discover and integrate the archetype we are working with. You will effectively live in the energy of each archetype and goddess for 4 weeks. Until we move into the next one.


Each in-person workshop will combine: movement, sound, philosophy, journaling, reflections, and sharing.

Together we will dive into the following:

- The energies, history and philosophy around the archetypes

- The goddess energy connected to each archetype

- The chakra connected with each archetype

- Guidance & identification of where each archetype shows up in your own life

- Journaling & reflection on the archetypes

- Creative writing practices

- The light and shadow aspects of each archetype

- Embodiment practices f the archetypes through movement and sound

- A guided journey into the energetics of the archetypes

- Light Language transmission


You will also be provided with the following to work with over the month after our in-person ceremony:

- A guided shamanic journey to sit with the energies of the archetype and goddess we are working with

- A daily ritual for integration – this will vary depending on the archetype. Practises may include dancing, journaling, creative writing, making offerings to the earth, laying in the darkness, taking long soaks in the bath

- A Workbook – This will take you deeper into the darker elements you are holding around the archetype. Uncovering Subconscious patterns and beliefs that you may not have been aware of

- A supportive Facebook group where all women can support each other’s journey and reach out for support

The Investment:

We are offering a payment plan for this journey - £144 a month, to be paid at the beginning of each month.

However, if you wish to make the payment in full, there is a discount.


The Commitment:

We will meet in-person on the first Saturday of each month for our full day ceremony - and the rest of the journey will be in your own time.


The details & in-person dates are as follows:-


Saturday 5th November 2022 – The Maiden – Root Chakra – Goddess – Persephone

Innocent, carefree, playful, enthusiastic, naïve, enchanting, trusting, free-spirited, fresh-faced, and radiant. This archetype truly embodies new beginnings. She’s easily swayed and impressionable, full of life and potential, and ready to take risks and experience adventure. Her unspoiled nature lends to a limitless amount of trust towards herself and others. Many of us long for this youthful part of ourselves but also still have wounding from our maiden years, which may manifest in later life as people-pleasing, poor boundaries, and a deep longing for something more, the fairy tale that we were taught growing up. By fully integrating this part of ourselves we mature into a woman of character and strength but also respect and honour the parts of ourselves that still desire a free-spirited approach to life.


Saturday 3rd December 2022 – The Mother – Sacral Chakra – Mary Magdalene

Unconditional love, nurturing, caring, protective, maternal instinct, desire to create, glowing, sensual and abundant and bursting with fertility. Her focus has turned from herself to caring for others. She longs to birth her own creations as she enters another layer of maturity and understanding of herself. She must be careful not to get blindsided by caring for others, as too much “giving” can often result in not enough “receiving”. As Mothers, many of us forget to tend to our own needs as we are too busy putting other people's needs first. As she ventures into Motherhood, she sees her own inner child, she reflects on her own upbringing, she may uncover wounds created by her own mother that she does not wish to pass onto her own children. This is the place where our inner child healing often begins, as we learn to see the parts of ourselves that may not have been tended to as a child and we learn to love ourselves through it. As we do this, it brings us closer to our connection with the great Mother, Mother Earth. Our Cyclical nature.


Saturday 7th January 2022– The Lover – Sacral/Solar Plexus Chakra – Aphrodite

Sensual, playful, lustful, values pleasure and exploration, holds much importance on sexual relationship. She holds the relationship to our bodies, our relationship to love. Self-love, love of family, love of children, love of other, love and connection to all things in our life. Our deepest truths around relationship, connection and intimacy with another. She is a true exploration of the heart, not just to give love but also to receive love. She opens us up to a way of being that’s more embodied, that softens, that flows and moves intuitively. We start to make love to the whole of our world. In such a linear and logical world to embody this archetype is crucial to our health and well-being. She takes us from the mental realm into our bodies, our wombs and our hearts. She knows connection, passion, intimacy and how to be in relationship to herself and others.


Saturday 4th February 2023 – The Queen – Solar Plexus/Heart Chakra – Goddess Isis

Authentically herself, committed to her cause, super focused on her own journey of transformation, this archetype Is balanced, grounded she knows who she is and what she wants. She has a strong sense of self and knows her worth in the world. Her life is a living example to others around her. Her confidence can be seen by others as threatening or overbearing. With power comes great responsibility, if not aware of her shadow side she can come across as overbearing and arrogant.


Saturday 4th March 2023- The Warrior - Throat Chakra – Goddess Lilith

Determined, fierce, independent, self-assured, purposeful and dynamic. This archetype embodies the doer within us, our need to strive and achieve. To demonstrate dogged persistence for our dreams and goals and to fight for what we believe in and stand for. She has many masculine traits and for many of us comes naturally as it's been the western way for many years. Her shadow can manifest as her becoming too rigid, judgemental and black and white in the way she thinks. She may feel uncomfortable asking for help due to her fierce sense of independence.


Saturday 1st April 2023- The Wild Woman – Throat/3rd Eye chakra – Goddess – Kali Ma

Erratic, unpredictable, loud, self-expressive, confident, moody, short tempered, dominating, impressionable and emotional. For many of us, she has been truly suppressed for fear of us being misunderstood and shunned. She seeks freedom in all areas of her life. She has an awakened soul and is not scared to use her voice. She knows how to move her body freely and does so as an expression of who she is. She may express anger and rage and can often be misunderstood by those around her. She craves excitement, passion and adventure and can easily become bored or restless. She needs a sense of purpose, to dance and express her raw energy.


Saturday 6th May 2023 – The Medicine Woman – The Wise one – 3rd eye/Crown chakra – Goddess - Hecate

Twinned with the archetype of the witch, in tune with the seasons and cycles of nature, closely connected to Mother Earth, her intuition and all things mystical. She is holder of the ancient mysteries, she is connected to spirit and her roots. She holds deep women’s wisdom, the blood mysteries and midwifery. She honours the ancient tradition of women sitting in circle. She opens up the door to the unseen realms and helps us traverse the unseen, honouring our connection to our intuition. She helps us to feel into our bones and blood, to remember our esoteric gifts, unleashing our higher purpose and destiny. She releases fears, limitations and blocks, making the way for a deeper connection to spirit and our divine plan. She understands the rhythm of all things, the beat of the drum, the depth of our being. She has the ability to take us to the very core of ourselves, to work with the shadows. She takes us beyond the veil.

Otherworldly, twinned with the archetype of the Crone and dark mother, deeply in tune with her intuition and wisdom. She has journeyed through all the cycles of her life, learnt her lessons, faced her shadows. She is now a wisdom keeper, a teacher to others, she shares her experiences and expresses herself with peace, strength and sincerity. Her childbearing days are passed and is now more likely to be a grandmother, whose knowledge and wisdom is sought by those around her. She is grounded and holds steady foundations to herself and the Earth. The elder within our communities, her eyes hold many stories, and her body shows the signs of her fruitful existence.


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