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Division Within Spirituality: Teaching Vs Dogma

If your Spiritual Teacher is guiding you to believe that their way is the right way & other ways are wrong or dangerous, it is dogmatic indoctrination.

There is no one right way to practice Spirituality.

There is no one right way to connect with Spirit/God/Source.

There is no one right way to breathe.

There is no one right way to move your body.

There is no one right way to honour the Earth.

There is no one right way to heal.

There is no one right way to channel energy.

The "right way - wrong way" belief system within Spirituality is old and stale, and historically it has caused more division than it has unity.

If you have experienced this ^ in no way am I suggesting your teacher is harmful, evil or sadistic. Dogmatic indoctrination is generally deeply unconscious & done without any malicious intent whatsoever. 

Many incredibly kind-hearted teachers share in this way, in devotion to one school of thought, and have taken on an unserving belief that other ways of doing things and schools of thought are wrong, or even dangerous!

We are seeing it today in cold therapy, breathwork, shamanism, sound therapy, energy healing modalities - all of it! 

& it makes me SAD.

The “right way - wrong way” belief system within Spirituality is old and stale, and historically it has caused more division than it has unity, and yet this shadow continues to sneak into our consciousness & lead us astray from truth. 

I remember when I did my first Reiki training and learned the history of how it made its way to the West, I was shocked to hear that upon the death of the last “Grand Master” there was a meeting where all her students came together to discuss moving forwards with spreading this important wisdom - only for many to split off in disagreement of how this modality should be taught. One of the teachers even formed her own lineage called “real reiki”. 

Differences in perspective are bound to happen in all parts of life, but it gets sticky when it slips into divisive territory and even persecution. 

While recognising all this has made me question Spirituality & healing in recent years (and everything I have devoted my life to!) I have come to understand it is a positive revealing of what was leading unconsciously coming to surface for us to heal & transmute once and for all. 

Please know, there is a part of me feeling deeply uneasy about sharing this piece because the last thing I want is for anyone to feel bad! 

I have been caught up in this binary way of thinking myself before - it is literally all we’ve known for thousands of years! So we must be gentle with ourselves, as we gently unravel from the old. 

As a teacher, I wholly believe there is no one right way and I am deeply devoted to ensuring I do not perpetuate this old narrative & instead wayshow my students to finding what truly works for them, honouring their own unique soul gifts & honouring all others too. 

It feels incredibly important teachers of today are leading this way. 

It’s a sticky one to sit with and often we are met with several “buts”…

This is very common in the dissolving of unserving beliefs! 

My advice: sit with your buts & give them room to breathe without pushing them away or letting them lead! 

And ask yourself, do you believe that more than one perspective can be true? 🫶

Wherever our Spirituality becomes divisive, we have lost our way.

Wherever our Spirituality becomes closed off to other humans, we have lost our way.

With all my love, Felicity x

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