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Valuing Health & The Potential Cost Of Free Health Care

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

This question (below) came to me a few months ago, after conversing with a family member who was struggling but resistant to spending money (or time) on their holistic health - and I came away from the conversation feeling a little frustrated…

“If you were to put a price on your health, what would it be?”

OOF! It’s a big one, right?! And triggers/activates so much...

I recommend journaling with this question, beyond the £$figure, to see what comes through for you...

For many reasons, we are so lucky to have the NHS here in the UK, but I’ve been considering recently whether it has guided us to release responsibility and limit the true value of our health.

To my own disbelief, I have even pondered a potential positive to privatisation of healthcare - questioning, would it encourage people to take more responsibility & look at more holistic therapies too?

This is IN NO WAY an attack on the NHS - I believe it is absolutely amazing in so many ways, and there are so many people working tirelessly to keep it running in the way it does, and on bettering the service (both within the management & for the people of the UK).

I have had the pleasure of working with some of these incredible souls, working their magic where it is needed most.

We are so very blessed to have the opportunity for free diagnostic testing, scanning, and operations for acute physical issues. We are also privileged to have options for medication in many cases - but of course, so much medication serves to dull or mask symptoms, rather than heal the root of them.

The downside of this is that it can often cause the numbing of our bodies’ wisdom, and therefore limit the opportunity for true healing.

I know a lot of people, from all walks of life and with varying incomes who would not dream of investing money in their (holistic) health - beyond the obvious nutrition, and perhaps physical exercise - or if they do, it is few and far between.

And in absolute honesty, I used to feel exactly the same…

It is food for thought, and brings me back to that question:

“If you could put a price on your health, what would it be?”

I can see the positives and potential negatives within our Western Medicine system - and I would never choose “East” over “West” - (put your hands & heads together, I say!)

There are a lot of Western Medicine "resisters" out there - which I do understand - because when you learn the truth behind a lot of these medications and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, it is hard to not feel a little angry (I certainly served my time within this bracket, before coming back to a space of honouring the gifts, rather than dismissing it entirely.

As I enter into the birthing portal, I am absolutely NOT averse to going to hospital, if I want to or need to. I feel very lucky to have the option. The Western Medicine system saves lives every day, and I will never reject that as anything less than a gift.

I like to believe that if I were to be faced with a potential life-threatening dis-ease, I would bring all my knowledge and wisdom in - and seek to work through it with absolute faith in what I do - I already do this with my seemingly minor ailments.

I choose acupuncture, homeopathy & energy work - over pain killers and steroids, for example.

Though some of the pregnancy symptoms I have experienced have given me a lot more compassion for those who opt for pain killers for chronic conditions.

I have also pondered, do I serve myself enough with the self-healing medicine and modalities I have access to now - as a way of preventative?

And if not, why not? OOF!

Oftentimes, there is only a response of self-support when we are at the point of “no choice” - and despite my absolute devotion to this work and healing - I have met with this on many occasions.

Knowing there are so many things I could be doing to support myself, and my predispositions better…

I wonder if you can relate…

This might seem a rather negative narrative, but I share this because it is powerful for us all to sit with now and again.

With the economic situation as it is, I have heard from many people that their holistic healing has taken a backseat, and it has encouraged me to continue to create as much in the way of accessible healing as possible, during this time.

This month, within our Devotion membership, we are dedicating the month to the theme of self-healing and nervous system regulation - with the intention to offer our community more tools to go away with - to connect with the innate gifts within and the wisdom that lies within our body. To empower sovereignty & trust in their body.

Our monthly membership package starts from just £33 (or £49.50 for the Deeper Devotion Package, including expert guest speakers & workshops each month!)

For this you receive:

- Monthly Workbook (full of juice)

- 4 Meditation Journeys (in keeping with the theme of the month)

- 1 Healing Journey with Felicity

- 1 Masterclass with Joe

- 1 Special Guest Workshop (this month we have EFT for NS Regulation)

- 1 Breathwork Journey or Sound Bath (this month we have Breath for Trauma Release & NS Regulation

It really is a no-brainer, and we hope you will join us...

Here's some more details:

With all my love, Felicity x

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