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Womb Healing is MAGICAL & not all healing modalities have to be intense!

Ah, a pretty big swerve from yesterday’s share - to bring light to the contradiction that is life!

SIDE NOTE; May we seek to get comfortable with polarity & remember that the opposite being true does not make the other any less true!

It’s like saying, daylight cannot surely exist when there is darkness.

Sometimes we need to break things down to beyond simple to realise where we have become lost in a perspective and/or confusion!

Polarity is our very nature.

And we are all walking contradictions.

Now back to my point…

While healing can bring up a lot & often pushes us to our perceived edges & beyond - the modalities we use and those we turn to in moments of darkness can be so darn joyous!

This is particularly true for womb healing.

The womb is connected to life’s sweetest joys - sweet innocence, playfulness & creativity.

We don’t have to focus on the darkness to heal the darkness.

We can heal through dancing, playing, creating art & crafting… and anything that brings us joy!

It is likely that if we are carrying the weight of unprocessed emotions we cannot connect to those joys as easily, and yet, they are our birthright and are an important part of being a human on Earth.

During my upcoming online healing journey - Pilgrimage Of The Womb,

we journey with so much magic and joy - in fact, that is our primary focus.

Allowing ourselves to tap back into the parts of us that make us a free & whole womban.

For anyone who struggles to connect to the things that light them up, the journey can be as simple as getting curious & exploring parts of ourselves that we’ve unknowingly exiled.

The best part of my work is that, as I support others' healing I also support my own. While I’m always a little apprehensive of what might rise for me, I’m always equally excited to reach my next level of freedom!

We begin this Sunday @ 6pm! It is all online.

Any questions, please email

With all my love, Felicity x

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