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Are we dismissing our own culture's Spiritual traditions?

The cultures still connected to their spiritual traditions are willingly sharing their wisdom with those willing to listen.

We are so blessed to benefit from this gracious generosity.

The tribe's people I’ve had the privilege of speaking to believe it is their mission to support the collective remembrance of wisdom lost - to soothe the displacement between humans & our planet Earth. To share their wisdom with as many people as possible to ignite a remembrance of the importance of reciprocity & that we are nature.

And how beautiful is that?

But where are we just consuming & following rather than being inspired and seeking to connect with our own culture or spiritual lineage and traditions?

I have spent over a decade learning from many different teachers & traditions from an array of different cultures, and I’m so grateful for it all.

Indian, Guatemalan, Peruvian, Chinese, Japanese, African - to name a few.

I’m utterly grateful for the opportunities to learn about the healing modalities, rituals & ceremonies these cultures willingly share.

But the more traditions I’ve learned, the more I recognised I was disconnecting from (and sometimes even rejecting) my own roots, my native lands, and my own soul’s voice.

So during the last few years I’ve devoted to reconnecting with what is around me & within me, and to the universal wisdom available to us all.

With this journey, I have also been honing and refining how & what I teach, with the intention to provide courses & trainings that feel fully aligned with my soul.

My intention is to lead in an empowering way, to guide my students to turn inwards to connect with their own spiritual, ancestral & soul lineages - and perhaps even more importantly, to turn to the land and the elements (that which connects us all) to learn from the most potent teachers of all, earth & nature.

Through my training and experiences, I have witnessed and observed many similarities and many different perspectives along the way, which have ultimately guided me to question everything, and consider the idea of “truth” and ask questions like, “Which is right?” and “if this feels right, does it make another perspective wrong?”

I have journeyed with plants to seek answers and have always been guided to the same space:

There is no one right way.

There is no one better modality.

There is no one winning tradition or ritual.

And where there is a seeming difference, I have tuned in and asked to see the similarities.

This always leads me to the intention behind the rituals…

which are connection, healing, honour, and love.

For those of us here in the West, we have such rich and beautiful forgotten traditions, and I believe we should begin to welcome a re-rooting to all that has been lost, both within & between us.

This is not to say we shouldn’t be sharing the traditions of others (that can be very beautiful too) but simply to stay open to finding our own way rather than following anothers.

Sometimes following the ways of others can lead us away from inner wisdom, sovereignty, self-trust & can be confining to our soul.

If this speaks to you then I might be the teacher or mentor for you.

My Medicine Woman Practitioner Training is focused on supporting you to connect with your soul, your own Spiritual lineage and your lost ancestral gifts. It is a journey for you to become a sovereign Medicine Woman, sharing what is true and aligned for you.

It is a journey to learn through self-inquiry, experience, and connection - just as our ancestors would have learned.

If you would like to find out more, please head to the link:

With all my love, Felicity x

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