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Rage is sacred but it is often misdirected.

Rage is sacred but it is often misdirected.

Rage rises to be processed not projected.

I have been encouraged to share my perspective here after being triggered (in a beautiful healing way) by what I am witnessing on social media recently within interactions about the war.

Let me first start by sharing that feeling rage towards war is a natural response to something that feels nonsensical, illogical & the absolute opposite of what our true hearts yearn for.

But, truth be told, even this rage is misdirected.

This somewhat bold statement may be understood through reading on, but what feels most important right now is to speak to the projection of anger towards those who are sharing their perspectives and/or those who are not.

When we feel strongly about something, it is natural to want our perspective to be heard, and when we witness a differing perspective it can feel triggering, and sometimes we cannot remain open and accepting that multiple perspectives can exist (and be true) all at once.

But directing anger towards the views of another is not conducive to the creation of a united world, nor peace.

There is also anger being projected towards those who choose to stay quiet on their socials, and not share their perspective (especially those with a large audience) - with an unfair assumption of ignorance or apathy.

Again, this is not supportive towards our supposed collective goal.

Some of this anger is projected through written or spoken words, here on IG - through this seemingly protective boundary, our phone - that feels similar to when we are in the comfort of a car & raging towards anyone who may dare to disrupt a clear path towards our destination!

Some rage, while not expressed, is projected through thoughts - which are far more powerful than we’ve been led to believe.

Right now, there is a lot of anger & rage being projected out in the world & towards one another.

This post is not to shame, gaslight or encourage the bypassing of anger, but to shine a light on where perhaps anger is being misdirected, and in fact (as much as I contract when writing this, I must) feeding the energy of war, of conflict.

Part 2//⁣

The truth is, it is very natural to be feeling angry right now. ⁣

And I encourage anger to be felt, if it is rising. ⁣

I also encourage every other feeling rising to be acknowledged & felt fully. ⁣

Whether that is despair, fear, or disgust. ⁣

But perhaps, rather than projecting the anger onto others, we could support ourselves (or seek support) to process what we are feeling. ⁣

Sitting with our feelings and finding a way to process them is something we humans aren’t great at, without needing something or someone to blame. ⁣

Emotions require a route out of our body, yes. ⁣

But to project our emotions only feeds the emotion and fuels it in our internal and external world. ⁣

I share this to encourage us all to consider how we might be allowing ourselves to get caught up in projection and blame, and misdirecting our rage. ⁣

Yes Rage is sacred & deserves space to be felt. ⁣

To feel it is to transmute it. ⁣

But to project it is to feed it. ⁣

How does this land for you? ⁣

With all my love.

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