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What does holistic healing really mean?

When we talk about holistic healing, we are talking about looking at the healing journey from the viewpoint that everything is connected within and around us. No one thing happens, around or to us, without it having a knock-on effect on other aspects of our life and well-being - this is the idea that we must treat the WHOLE rather than one specific element or ailment.

The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are interconnected facets of our being, and all affect one another. 

This is easily understood with the example of stress in the workplace. Stress in your work life could cause stress to leak into other areas of your life - such as family time or moments away from work, this in turn could cause guilt, shame, regret and other unpleasant feelings to come in, amplifying the stress we already were experiencing. Prolonged stress takes its toll on our health, causing inflammation and weakened immunity, leading ultimately to disease. A non-holistic approach would be to take anti-inflammatories to tackle the disease. Still, a holistic approach would see that the disease is a byproduct of the bigger picture, looking at the whole - seeing that the stress at work is causing the disease and therefore must be healed at the root, rather than the symptom. 

That is a simplified version, but holistic healing can go much deeper than this. As, in this example, the stressful work is just one layer of life. We can deepen this healing by enquiring into what has happened in our life to cause us to attract and stay in a high-stress line of work - as simply leaving the stressful job might not be the answer, as we may easily find ourselves in a similar situation once again if, on an unconscious level, we are drawn to high-stress situations. This would then require us to look at our childhood conditioning, programming and patterns, enquiring deeper into the time of our lives that made us believe high-stress situations are our best route to feel security, love or success.

As you can probably imagine, just from this simple example, there could be many other factors that require introspection and healing too, from our relationships to our traumas to our finances and diet.

For some people, this can all sound too much or overwhelming, and so instead they choose to take the “easy route” and ignore the bigger picture - the WHOLE-istic approach. 

This is okay for short periods, but it is our belief this is not the ideal approach for health, happiness and fulfilment - at some point we find ourselves repeating old patterns and our ailments and diseases get worse, as the deeper we bury our heads in the sand, the louder our bodies have to shout to get our attention.

But, you have read this far, and so I know already you are not looking for the easy route, you are probably someone fascinated by the idea of knowing yourself on a deeper level, understanding and healing the parts of you that are keeping you stuck and care deeply about making the most of this lifetime for yourself and all those you engage with - and of course - the ripple effect that has on the world beyond. This is the holistic view, the micro-healing of yourself, has a macro effect on the world around you.

That is the beauty of this type of healing approach. It gives life a sense of meaning and purpose. 

As you can imagine, healing is not for the faint-hearted, it requires you to look at the more painful aspects of your existence, but it is also incredibly rewarding. And it gets easier the more well-versed you are in the art of healing. It can be safe, enjoyable, exciting, revealing and of course, expansive! And that is why we have come together to craft a powerful training, that allows you to hold yourself and others through the inevitable highs and lows of a healing journey and to fully understand the WHOLE of your holistic healing.

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